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Vhs, 8mm and MiniDV tapes will not retain the pictures for more than a few decades!  Converting these valuable memories to digital stops the degradation, reduces the clutter, and allows you to freely share with friends and family.  

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Convert Video Tape Digital Before It's Too Late

If you survived parenthood and your children are now adults, take this moment to celebrate. You can finally relax. The (minimum) 18 years you just spent caring for those little people probably took so much out of you, that you just want to crawl in bed for another 18 years.

The only problem is that now you miss it. You miss the craziness and chaos. You miss the spills and the messes. You miss the bruises and the crying. You miss having your little children drive you insane.

Now they're adults, and while you still love them uncontrollably, it's just not the same because they can reach the top shelf all by themselves now.

Luckily, you probably have dozens of videos of your kids laying around your house. Just having them in the house doesn't always suffice. Wholly 44% of parents admit that they often can't locate videos tapes of their children and about 52% admit that they have not done anything to preserve their children's photos for the future.