Converting Video Tape Digital quality control

Matching the definition used for conversion is very important!

Only DpsDave gives you a choice.

Definition is the measure of the quality of the digital movie

Using low definition conversion on a high resolution tape will degrade the movie quality.

Using high definition conversion on a low resolution tape doesn't hurt a thing.

What definition Do I Need?


Converting Video Tape Digital

1940's-1990's: NTSC

Stands for "Not The Same Color" (lol)

Resolution was about 480 lines per inch by 320 dots per inch.

All VHS tapes.


Converting Video Tape Digital

1990's-early 2000's: 720p

High Definition TV

Everybody who could afford on ran out and bought one because the picture was much better! 

Resolution was almost twice that of NTSC, and the picture was way better!

Most 8mm Tapes


Converting Video Tape Digital

2008 - Today: 1080p

Ultra High Definition TV

Resolution almost triple that of NTSC, and image quality significantly better than 720p.

All MiniDV tapes and any 8mm camcorders bought after 2007

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Movie Made At A Steam Powered Sawmill Just South Of DpsDave

Converting Video Tape Digital

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