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Expedited Service

Need It In a hurry?

We can help!

Our expedited service puts the digital files in your hands within 2 week days of package receipt.  

We begin digitizing as soon as the package arrives, then use the cloud to send the digital images to you.  Cloud delivery not available for video orders.  

Cost & availability


Expedite Availability

Expedite Cost



10¢ ea



10¢ ea

35mm Negatives


20¢ ea

Large Negatives


$1 ea



$10 ea




Home Movies



Digital Image Delivery via the Cloud

DpsDave and Dropbox

  • $10 per order
  • Content available for 90 days
  • You are granted edit authority
  • Easily share content by forwarding your invite email
  • Enterprise level security protects your privacy! 

digital image organization

Keeping the digital files in the physical order in which they arrive

Keeping the digital files in the same order as the physical originals is important.  

Using senior operators & special processes, your images are scanned in the order they are received.  We can't guarantee that we never make a mistake, but we try really hard and get it just right almost always. 

Price:   $4.00 per folder

Folder Structure and Keeping in Order

Using the physical organization of the originals that you create, a digital organization structure is created for your digital images.  This is how we do it.

File Folders

Each group in your physical organization becomes a file folder as shown above.  You can create groups within groups if you like.  

The best way to create your physical groups is to use rubber bands to hold individual groups together.  If you want to have groups within groups, putting all the stacks of originals you want grouped together into a zip lock bag, and label the bag.  

Image Names

Going even further, we use the folder structure to create meaningful image names.  The image name will inherit all the folder names in the structure above it, then we tack on a serial number to control the sequence.  

For example: 1957- Birthdays - Kate - 001.JPG

Return Media

We offer 4 options

You have your choice of an optical disk, thumb drive, external hard drive, or cloud delivery.  

USB Media for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Hard drive for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Data disk Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Cloud delivery Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital

optical disk

thumb drive

Hard Disk

Cloud Delivery


1,000 Images


13,000 Images


1/4 Million Images











Copies Cost

$5 each

Copies Cost

$15 each

Copies Cost

$50 each

Photo Albums

Digitize each page, front and back  $4.00 each side.  

Getting a digital images of your photo album is easy and inexpensive.  The maximum size is 11 x 17 inches.  

Removal of photos from page & scanning.  $0.50 each photo.  

Each photo is removed from the album, scanned, then returned to the album.  

Alternative File types

For Videos

We will supply Quicktime (mov) files for Apple users

We will supply MP4 files for Windows users.   

We do not offer any other file formats for video.  

For Still Images

Our default file type is JPEG-LS.  

If you prefer, we can supply TIFF files for an additional $0.10 each.  

DpsDave Support!

Trouble Shooting Guide

These are the most frequent symptoms we hear about, and how to fix them.

My computer is taking a long time to open my images

The DVD won’t play on my TV

The movie won’t play on my computer

The computer is asking if I want to merge these folders

Some of my images are all red

All my images look slightly blue or red

All my images look washed out

I found an upside down or sideways image

I found a backwards image

Our work

See what magic our digitizing technicians can work!

Before Dpsdave
After dpsdave

How to order from DpsDave!

Step 1: Place Your order

There is no payment upfront, and this makes it even easier!

Step 2: Send your stuff

Whether you want to do it yourself, or have us help you, we have many options available!

You select shipping assistance options on the checkout page.

If you're doing it yourself (most people do) you might visit our Safe Shipping and Packing Tips pages for more information.

step 3: we get to work

when the box arrives, we log it into our database, and an email will be sent automatically.  

It's nice to know the package arrived safely, but more importantly we're taking this opportunity to check the return address one more time, and to let you know when the digital photos are schedules to ship back to you.

step 4: we ship it back

The UPS truck shows up at our back door at 3:30

Our job is done, and the photos begin their trip back to you. In a couple of days, the UPS driver will arrive at your door with your box.  Inside, you'll find your originals and a DVD or USB stick with your digital images.  

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During the 60’s and 70’s, I was an avid photographer, using a 35mm camera my father gave me. I didn’t have much money, and since slides were cheaper than prints, I always had my pictures developed as slides. I intended to print the good ones someday, but someday never came. Forty years later, with thousands of good slides and no prints, I noticed that the color on my slides had begun to fade! Darn.

As it turns out, it is a good thing that I never got around to making those prints! Prints also fade, and making all those prints would have been a waste. Still an avid photographer, I had made the switch to digital years ago. I could see that my good old slides weren’t going to last much longer, so I investigated commercially available slide scanners, and was not satisfied with the quality of the output. Eventually, I created my own slide scanners, and that was the beginning of this company in 2009.

PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.

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