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Banks Box

Amazing Simplicity.

We'll handle the devilish details so you don't have to!

banks box

Secure Shipping

Put your originals in the box

Send with included return label

We send you a quote

You approve or change 


  • Effort needed to understand choices
  • Effort needed to place orders
  • Risk of making mistakes
  • Need to understand the technology

Let us take care of you instead

We'll match your needs with the appropriate technical details so you don't have to work at it.

Here's How

  • Purchase our Banks Box, which will arrive in a few days.
  • Find your personalized order form on the front of the information packet in the box. If you're detail oriented, fill that out.  Or--
  • If you embrace simplicity, Instead of filling out the detailed order form, turn it over to the "Let Us Take Care of You" side. 
  • Check the boxes which describe your desires.  You don't need to study the technical stuff at all!
  • Put everything you want to digitize in the Banks Box, and using the enclosed return label, ship to DpsDave via UPS.
  • When we get the box, we'll apply our knowledge with your inputs and suggest what we think will work best for you.  
  • We'll send you an email with our recommended choices and a breakdown of cost.  
  • You're in control.  You can make changes before we get to work.  We won't start unless you approve.  

Here is the "Let Us Take Care Of You" that comes in your banks box

Here are more details about our Banks Box mail in method

Banks  Box

We send you a box.  You fill it and send it back using pre-paid label.  Only $30 up front cost.

12 x 12 x 6 inch box, which can hold about 5,000 slides, a few thousand prints, or about 2 dozen VHS tapes.

There's a prepaid UPS label in the box for secure shipment to DpsDave, along with price lists, a product selection card and packing materials.  

When the box arrives here, we figure out what the cost is and send you an invoice.

Banks  Box

Photo Video Digital Conversion

Step 1: Place an order

Order your Banks Box and pay for it via a credit card.  

This is payment just for the shipment to DpsDave and the box.

To estimate the cost of your order, we created this tool for you:  ESTIMATE COST

Step 2: We Send the Box

In just a few days, your Banks box will be delivered. 

Inside are instructions, price lists, an order form, a prepaid return UPS label,  and packing materials

Step 3: Fill out the order card

Make your selections on the order card and put it in the box.  We've included price lists to put you in control of your cost.

Step 4: Pack & Send

Pack everything you want digitized in the box, put the padding in and close it up.

Put the prepaid UPS label on the outside over the existing UPS label

Take the Banks Box to a UPS store.  

Photo Print Album Digitizing

Step 5: We get to work

When the box arrives, we'll send an invoice for how much it will cost to do what you've indicated on the order card.  When you approve, we'll get to work. 

Step 6: Return Shipment

When we're done, we will ship the originals (unless you told us not to, or you ordered an Economy product) back to you along with you new digital images.  

PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.
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