Custom Image Editing Service

$30 per 15 minute time slot

Hire a DpsDave digital artist to make your digital images the best they can be.  

In the old days of film photos, you were stuck with what you got.  Once you converted your old photos to digital, a whole new world of possibilities opened for you!  Now, you can make the digital images into what you imagined it should be.  The possibilities are endless!  Common requests for image modification are:
  • Take my ex out of the picture
  • Increase the color saturation
  • Remove dust that's embedded in the emulsion
  • Remove mold spots that grew on the film
  • Repair a tear

Typical costs for each type of service are shown below


Common Price

Remove spots heavy

$30 per photo

Remove spots light

$15 per photo

Repair torn photo

$50 per photo

Remove person from photo

$60 per photo

Repair extreme fade or change color

$15 per photo

Change brightness or contrast

$5 per photo

Special Cropping

$30 per photo

Prices are estimates.  Actual price will vary. 


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Who We Are

Philomath, Oregon.  

A small town in the coast range, next to Oregon State University.  DpsDave is in the old city hall here. Built in 1932, it housed the fire and police departments.

Legend has it that once, desperados broke in and took the chief of police hostage.  The old timers aren't real clear on why or what happened next.   

Small Town Values

Trust, respect & belief that work is good for you.  

Horses on main street are rare, but are plentiful around town.  

Our staff of 5 people work by these 4 rules:

- Get to work

- Get your game face on

- Get your job done

- Have a good time

Mistakes are treated as opportunities to discover & fix problems, not employee problems.  If we've made a mistake on your order, please call or write us, and see for yourself how this works!

Small Business

Enthusiasm, nimbleness, creating value.

DpsDave began in 2011, and has developed new technologies & processes which enable conversion to digital of all things photographic that is better and faster than any body else can do.

Better means that your digital photos and videos will be the best they can be.

Faster means that digitizing your digital photos and videos will be cost effective to you while allowing our workers to earn a living wage.

Our motto is to move fast, decide now, and get a little bit better every day.  After a decade of those "little bit betters" we've become very good at this. 

PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.
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