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Zone 1

Zone 2

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Zone 4

Zone 5

1-4 Pounds






4-7 Pounds






7-12 Pounds






12-20 Pounds






20-40 Pounds






40-60 Pounds






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Return Media

We offer 4 options

We have to put your new digital images on something to get them to you.  You have your choice of an optical disk, thumb drive, external hard drive, or cloud delivery.  

USB Media for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Hard drive for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Data disk Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Cloud delivery Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital

optical disk

thumb drive

Hard Disk

Cloud Delivery


1,000 Images


13,000 Images


1/4 Million Images











Copies Cost

$5 each

Copies Cost

$15 each

Copies Cost

$50 each

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Expedited Service

Need It In a hurry?

We can help!

Our expedited service puts the digital files in your hands within 2 week days of package receipt.  

We begin digitizing as soon as the package arrives, then use the cloud to send the digital images to you.


$0.10 additional for each slide, print or negative, with a  minimum expedite charge of $35.  

$10 additional for each Video Tape.  No minimum expedite charge for Video Tapes


This service is available for slides, prints, 35mm and larger format negatives, although costs differ. CLICK HERE for details

Unfortunately, this service is not available for video or home movie conversion due the reliability issues associated with large file delivery via the cloud.  

Digital Image Delivery via the Cloud

DpsDave and Dropbox

  • $10 per order
  • Content available for 90 days
  • You are granted edit authority
  • Easily share content by forwarding your invite email
  • Enterprise level security protects your privacy! 

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We all love to look back on fond memories with photographs. Whether they're decades old or taken recently with an app like SnapChat, photographs allow us to relive our past with ease. But if a photo is fading, damaged, or lost, those memories can easily follow fade, too. That's why it's so important to make the transition from photographic print to a photo digitizing service...

We can help you preserve both your images and memories by performing both photo restoration and photo digitization. Even if your photos are so old they only exist on slides, our slide to digital services can give your pictures a makeover for the modern age. This ensures your recollections will feel fresh and new forever. But if you're still unsure about what digital photo services actually do, we've put together a few frequently asked questions to help you understand.

  • What is digitizing?
    Photo digitization is the process wherein a physical photograph is converted to a digital version. Once it's converted, we can then restore your image. Even better, our custom technology actually scans, restores, and digitizes your photos and slides simultaneously.
  • What can be fixed with photo restoration?
    We can fix photos that are torn, bent, damaged, faded, smoke damaged, or aged. We can also fix blurry photos or remove backgrounds. Even if photos are badly damaged by sun, water, or mold, we'll most likely be able to restore them until they look just as good -- or even better -- than the original images.
  • Will the process alter my original photo?
    No changes will be made to your original image whatsoever. With photo digitizing services, all restoration is done by computer. Nothing is done directly to your original photo and your albums will be returned to you in the same condition they were brought to us.
  • Can you digitize slides?
    We sure can. We offer 35mm slide scanning services as well as 5mm slide scanning services. Actually, slides and negatives are often better to work with because the quality is usually sharper than that of a printed photograph.
  • How will I access my new digitized photos?
    You will be given a digital copy of your photo albums on a DVD. Although making the switch from a physical copy to a digital copy might be a bit of an adjustment, you won't have to search through a bunch of old boxes to find the photos you're looking for. If you're one of the 44% of surveyed parents who say they sometimes have trouble locating photos of their kids, then making the switch to digitized photos will make it so much easier to find that perfect photo. You can also easily travel with your photos or access them from virtually anywhere. It's a great way to share your memories with family and keep your photos safe.
  • How do I protect my other photos from damage?
    The best way to preserve your photographs is to use a photo digitizing service. But if you're not ready to convert all of your photos to digital quite yet, you can prolong the life of your photographs by keeping them in acid-free boxes and envelopes. Keep photos away from sunlight and humidity and do not store them in basements, garages, or attics.
PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.
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