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Faded Photos? No Problem!

Find out about our fade correction, color correction and Artist Boost processing methods. 

DPS Dave does more than just digitize!

Our basic order of Photo Video Digital Conversion is simply a flash drive with your invoice and simple instructions on how to access your newly digitized images. Those images will appear on the drive as a single list in the order they were scanned. And for many people this is more than enough. But DPS Dave can do more for you than just convert your physical images into digital images, things that no other company on the market will provide for you


Having your Photo Video Digital Conversion photos organized into specific groups or scanned in chronological order helps you make sense of them when you look back. Find out what we can do for that!

Hardware/Software Specifications

Need a specific file type? Maybe you want to be sure your Mac can properly view your files? We've got you covered!

Need your photos fast?

DPS Dave can expedite your Photo Video Digital Conversion order, making it our first priority and getting it back to you ASAP

Returned media assistance

We return your Photo Video Digital Conversion of your favorite memories to their initial glory, but sometimes your computer needs some help to make them look that good. Find out how to put your returned media to its best use!

Photo & Video Digital Conversion

Details About How To Convert Photo, Video & More To Digital

Our most popular service

Photo Video Digital Conversion

DpsDave Digitizes Differently!

Our technology delivers 6,000 DPI slide scanning at a price that beats the competition’s price! Convert old slides video photos and more to digital today!  Scanned in USA, secure shipping, and personal service – you’ll be glad you found DpsDave!  

Convert those old slides, videos, photos, negatives and more to digital! We digitize VHS, VHS-c, 8mm video tape,  hi8,  35mm and large format negatives. Don't forget to transfer all those photos photographs prints as well.

Here are some of the many reasons you will want DpsDave to digitize your collection of slides:

  • Slides can become damaged or get lost, so why not have a digital copy of your precious memories?
  • We keep our fees reasonable and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, meaning you can feel comfortable knowing that we’ll treat your slides with respect.
  • You won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up the slides and related equipment while ensuring that everything is in the correct order before enjoying a presentation.

Photo Video Digital Conversion

Video Tapes
High quality digital files, formatted for your computer

We've made this easy.  The only decision you have to make is  Economy or Premium grade.  

Our operators read through our manuals, get 1:1 training, practice under the supervision of a senior operator, then have to pass a certification test before they can digitize your video tapes.  Convert old slides video photos and more to digital today! 

Photo Video Digital Conversion

Prints and Negatives

Restore all your memories with us

Keep your old photos and negatives safe forever by digitizing them with DpsDave!  Convert old slides video photos and more to digital today! 

Don't just take our word for it!


They were ready to answer any email I sent within minutes.....

Had these folks scan 4500 of my dad's and grandfather's slides, dating back to the 50s. They were ready to answer any email I sent within minutes, took care of everything fast, and the scans look amazing. Their website is a little bit old-fashioned, but don't be fooled, they are the best out there.


 I am so thrilled with the service from start to finish....

I sent 2600 of my mom’s Kodachrome slides to DPSDave. They Were from 1951-1985. I have been so afraid to send these to any of the big labs for scanning.

A few of my photographer friends recommended this site. I requested the expedited service. My slides were a bit more of a challenge as they all had individual metal frames and were also in another sleeve as well.

The most fragile ones were from my dad’s time in Korea. I can’t believe how fast these were done. I got to see them right away via Dropbox. I am so thrilled with the service from start to finish. Great prices too. Highly recommend. Will use again. 


I can’t imagine there is anyone out there better than this company....

Very knowledgeable. Great results on my nearly 6000 slides — some very old. Very quick turn-around. Quick with answers to my questions. I had them put on USB and wow have we freed up space! I can’t imagine there is anyone out there better than this company.

Convert old slides video photos and more to digital!  It is an easy, safe and inexpensive way to preserve these valuable keepsakes.  

help with shipping to dpsDave

We Help a Little

Our most popular option!  For $30, we send a prepaid UPS label.  There are no size or weight restrictions, so the bigger and heavier the box, the more you save.  Plus, we set the shipping options with UPS to assure the greatest shipping security possible.  

You pack the box, (pack it tight!) tape it up (use lots of tape!) print out the label and put it on the box.  You can call UPS for a pickup, or drop it off at a UPS store or Post Office.

Choose this option by selecting 

Prepaid Label 

on the checkout page.

If you want some help with shipping your slides, negatives, prints, albums, videos or home movies to us for digitizing, we have options designed just for you.

We Help a Lot

This is the ultimate in ease of use!  You choose a box size, and we'll send it to you with all the packing materials you will need and a prepaid UPS shipping label.  These boxes cost $25 to $65.  

Choose this option by selecting the size of 


on the checkout page

digital image organization

Keeping the digital files in the physical order in which they arrive

Keeping the digital files in the same order as the physical originals is important.  

Using senior operators & special processes, your images are scanned in the order they are received.  We can't guarantee that we never make a mistake, but we try really hard and get it just right almost always. 

Price:   $2.50 per folder

Folder Structure and Keeping in Order

Using the physical organization of the originals that you create, a digital organization structure is created for your digital images.  This is how we do it.

File Folders

Each group in your physical organization becomes a file folder as shown above.  You can create groups within groups if you like.  

The best way to create your physical groups is to use rubber bands to hold individual groups together.  If you want to have groups within groups, putting all the stacks of originals you want grouped together into a zip lock bag, and label the bag.  

Image Names

Going even further, we use the folder structure to create meaningful image names.  The image name will inherit all the folder names in the structure above it, then we tack on a serial number to control the sequence.  

For example: 1957- Birthdays - Kate - 001.JPG

Get in Touch

(866) 935-1361

10-6 PST,  M-F
Convert slides to digital
PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.
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