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    Our team of experts take personal responsibility for your photographs.  These professionals must be certified before they are trusted with your order.  These certifications take from 1 day for our entry level operators, and about 9 months for our highest skilled position.  Our honest, authentic enthusiastic employees will keep your photographs safe & secure always.  If they have questions, they will call you to discuss how to proceed.


    Photo Scanning Services

    Your photo organizing, saving and sharing project partner. DpsDave can digitize your slides or prints safely, and nobody does it better! Do you have piles of old photos and slides stashed away someplace gathering dust? While you may cherish your slides, do you really want to lug out the old slide projector every time you want to take a walk down memory lane? . Just send us your old photos and slides and take advantage of our affordable digital photographic services.

    It’s not always easy to organize photos that have been stored in various locations over the years and often passed along from one family member to another. Don’t risk losing those precious memories forever as your photos age. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to access those photos anytime you want with a couple of clicks? When you use our photographic scanning services, you’ll benefit from:

    • Convenient Sharing – You will be able to share photos with friends and family members without the hassle of having to find a place that can copy your photos.
    • • Reliable Backup – You will be able to ensure that your photographic memories won’t fade over time or become lost forever should unexpected damage occur.
    • • Fun Photo Projects – You will be able to get creative with digital copies of your photos and slides and make customized photo books or add fun enhancements with photo programs on your computer without worrying about damaging the original photos in the process.

    Once you give our slide and picture scanning services a try, you’ll see for yourself what our satisfied customers already know.

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    How We Convert Slides To Digital?

    We Digitize Those Slides

    Our technology delivers 6,000 DPI slide scanning at a price that beats the competition’s price for lower resolution! Scanned in USA, secure shipping, and personal service – you’ll be glad you used DpsDave! Even if you don’t mind dragging out the old slide projector now and then, it can still be frustrating to sort through boxes of slides, not to mention dealing with slides that may be out of order. The solution is to go digital and let us conveniently organize your slides so you can breeze through your memories with absolutely no fuss.

    Here are some of the many reasons you will want DpsDave to digitize your collection of slides:

      • • Slides can become damaged or get lost, so why not have a digital copy of your precious memories?
      • • We keep our fees reasonable and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, meaning you can feel comfortable knowing that we’ll treat your slides with respect.
      • • You won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up the slides and related equipment while ensuring that everything is in the correct order before enjoying a presentation.

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    We Digitize Those Photos

    Interested in “transfer photos to digital” scanning services? Kodachrome, Ektachrome and 35mm film has a long and rich history for both professional and amateur photographers. If you have some photos that you’ve always wanted to transfer to digital for easy access, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you have older photo prints stashed away that you want to preserve, we’ll carefully transfer your photos while delivering the quality results you deserve.

    Rest assured that the unique qualities, textures and colors captured on your original photos will be on display after we’ve digitally converted the images, being careful with your originals in the process. Every member of our staff shares a common appreciation for the work we do. This means that we’ll always treat the photos and slides we receive with respect, even emailing you when we get your package so that you know everything arrived safely.

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    Picture Scanning Service 35mm Enthusiasts Will Love!

    As Easy as 1-2-3…

    Even if you’re familiar with “transfer slides to digital” and “transfer photos to digital” scanning techniques, it’s not always easy to find the time to actually do the convert on yourself. At DpsDave, we have all the equipment necessary to get the scanning done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can digital transfer all types of photos, from old photos to Polaroids. Got boxes and boxes of slides? That’s not a problem either. We’ve the resources necessary to efficiently complete orders while maintaining our strict quality standards. Our slide or picture scanning service is really as easy as 1-2-3…

        1. 1. Place your order and pay.
        2. 2. Collect your photos and slides and send them to us (the instructions are right here on our site).
        3. 3. Enjoy your digital photos along with the safe return of your originals.

    Give Loved Ones a Gift That’s Sure To Be Treasured

    With our photo scanning service, 35mm or printed photos that you have stored away can become wonderful gifts for friends and family members. You can easily order extra copies or send your newly digital photos via email as a nice surprise for friends and loved ones. Why not surprise mom and dad with a digital slide slow of their favorite family vacations? How about sending a copy of a CD with your photos inside of your annual holiday cards? The possibilities are endless. We can convert all types of photos and slides to digital, including:

      • • Family Photos – Long before the digital photo craze, people still took lots and lots of photos. Unfortunately, those treasured family photos can become damaged over the years or fade. Get some peace of mind by sending us your wedding and anniversary photos, prom photos or other photo treasures and we’ll provide quality digital images designed to breathe new life into those special memories.
      • • Vacation Slides – Still have vacation slides stored away in the attic or in a closet somewhere? Let us convert those slides into a digital presentation that can be easily viewed on any computer, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone.
      • • Birthday Photos – Birthday photos can definitely pile up over the years. Preserve those cherished memories with digital images likely to endure for future generations to enjoy. You’re more than welcome to take some time to organize your birthday photos before sending them to us. We’ll then use that information to create file names and folders to make it easy to locate your birthday photos on the CD.