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DpsDave Photo scanning service

Convert Photo & Video to Digital

1215 Main #107, Philomath Oregon 97370

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PO Box 766, Philomath Oregon 97370

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Convert Photo, Video & More to Digital

What kind of photo stuff do you have?

Its ok if you have a box with a little bit of everything photographic.  Send it all our way and we will take care of everything you have.  Photo Video Digital Conversion

Loose slides? Slides in carousels? In trays, sheets, or magazines? Digital Conversion for them all!

From as big as VHS to as small as Mini dv, DPS Dave can turn your tapes in to high quality videos.

New prints, old prints, even photo albums! DPS Dave digitizes every type of print you could have.

Large format film was perfect for top of the line photographers, see how digitizing it can make your photos even better

With a one of a kind film scanning device DPS Dave is sure to capture all the artistry of your original photos

Your Old Photos Don't Last Forever

Extend the lifetime of all your favorite memories by converting to digital!

Convert every type of photos & videos you have into a high quality digital images that are easy to copy and share.  Downsize, Declutter, Protect NOW!

worried about shipping??

We take the security of your photos seriously

Find out how we handle shipping them back and forth for Photo Video Digital Conversion

Faded Photos? No Problem!

Find out about our fade correction, color correction and Artist Boost processing methods. 

DPS Dave does more than just digitize!

Our basic order of Photo Video Digital Conversion is simply a flash drive with your invoice and simple instructions on how to access your newly digitized images. Those images will appear on the drive as a single list in the order they were scanned. And for many people this is more than enough. But DPS Dave can do more for you than just convert your physical images into digital images, things that no other company on the market will provide for you


Having your Photo Video Digital Conversion photos organized into specific groups or scanned in chronological order helps you make sense of them when you look back. Find out what we can do for that!

Hardware/Software Specifications

Need a specific file type? Maybe you want to be sure your Mac can properly view your files? We've got you covered!

Need your photos fast?

DPS Dave can expedite your Photo Video Digital Conversion order, making it our first priority and getting it back to you ASAP

Returned media assistance

We return your Photo Video Digital Conversion of your favorite memories to their initial glory, but sometimes your computer needs some help to make them look that good. Find out how to put your returned media to its best use!

We thrive on your trust

So come get to know us! Read about the owner, our history, and what our customers think of us

About Us

The folks at DpsDave


Hear what our customers think of us!

Returned Media Assistance

DPS Dave helps even after you have gotten your Photo Video Digital Conversion files back, click below to find out how to best use your returned media devices, what you can do with your images, or to learn what dropbox is and how to best use it!

Local Drop off & Pickup:  

M,W,F  11-2

Room 100

  • 1215 Main, Room 107, Philomath, Oregon
  • (866) 935-1361     

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