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Convert Slides Digital

Expedited Service

Need It In a hurry?

We can help!

Our expedited service puts the digital files in your hands within 3 week days of package receipt.  

We begin digitizing as soon as the package arrives, then use the cloud to send the digital images to you.


$0.10 additional for each slide, print or negative, with a  minimum expedite charge of $35.  

$10 additional for each Video Tape.  No minimum expedite charge for Video Tapes


This service is available for most services, although costs differ.

 CLICK HERE for details

Convert Slides Digital

Return Media

We offer 4 options

We have to put your new digital images on something to get them to you.  You have your choice of an optical disk, thumb drive, external hard drive, or cloud delivery.  

USB Media for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Hard drive for Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Data disk Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital
Cloud delivery Converting Slides Negatives Prints Video to Digital

optical disk

thumb drive

Hard Disk

Cloud Delivery


1,000 Images


13,000 Images


1/4 Million Images











Copies Cost

$5 each

Copies Cost

$15 each

Copies Cost

$50 each

Convert Slides Digital

Digital Image Delivery via the Cloud

DpsDave and Dropbox

  • $10 per order
  • Content available for 90 days
  • You are granted edit authority
  • Easily share content by forwarding your invite email
  • Enterprise level security protects your privacy! 

digital image organization

Keeping the digital files in the physical order in which they arrive

Keeping the digital files in the same order as the physical originals is important.  

Using senior operators & special processes, your images are scanned in the order they are received.  We can't guarantee that we never make a mistake, but we try really hard and get it just right almost always. 

Price:   $4.00 per folder

Folder Structure and Keeping in Order

Using the physical organization of the originals that you create, a digital organization structure is created for your digital images.  This is how we do it.

File Folders

Each group in your physical organization becomes a file folder as shown above.  You can create groups within groups if you like.  

The best way to create your physical groups is to use rubber bands to hold individual groups together.  If you want to have groups within groups, putting all the stacks of originals you want grouped together into a zip lock bag, and label the bag.  

Image Names

Going even further, we use the folder structure to create meaningful image names.  The image name will inherit all the folder names in the structure above it, then we tack on a serial number to control the sequence.  

For example: 1957- Birthdays - Kate - 001.JPG

Convert Slides Digital

Banks  Box

We send you a box.  You fill it & send it to us using the label we've enclosed for you.  You pay $30 up front, and we'll bill you for the rest.

Don't know exactly what you need?  This option is for you!  

When your package arrives, we figure out what you need, what it will cost and submit for your approval. 


You use your own box to ship.  No upfront payment, we'll bill you when we've completed the digitizing phase.  

Know exactly what you want?  This option is for you!

When your package arrives, we'll send an email letting you know it's here, and when it will be processed.  

Banks  Box

Photo Video Digital Conversion

Step 1: Place an order

Order your Banks Box and pay for it via a credit card.  This payment covers all shipping costs.  Shipping is via USPS.

To estimate the cost of your order, we created this tool for you:  ESTIMATE COST

Step 2: We Send the Box

In just a few days, your Banks box will be delivered. 

Inside are instructions, price lists, an order form, a prepaid return label,  and packing materials

Step 3: Fill out the order card

Make your selections on the order card and put it in the box.  We've included price lists to put you in control of your cost.

Alternatively, you can tell us what is important to you by filling our the other side of the order form.  For example:  What's more important:  Price or Quality?  We'll get bak to you with cost.

Step 4: Pack & Send

Pack everything you want digitized in the box, put the padding in and close it up.

Put the prepaid label on the outside over the existing label

Take the Banks Box to the post office or give it to your mail carrier. 

Photo Print Album Digitizing

Step 5: We get to work

When the box arrives, we'll send a cost estimate.  When you approve, we'll get to work.   Want to make changes?  No worries, we can do that!

You pay for our services when we've completed your order.  At that time, we'll send you an invoice.  

Step 6: Return Shipment

When we're done, we'll send an invoice!  When you pay for your order we'll get the box on it's way back to you along with your new digital images.


Step 1: Place an order

There is no payment upfront, and this makes it even easier!

The checkout page won't ask you for credit card numbers or how many items you are sending.  

To keep it simple, the checkout page won't calculate how much this will cost either.  It just collects information about who you are and what you're sending.  To estimate the cost of your order, we created this tool for you:  ESTIMATE COST

Photo Video Digital Conversion
Photo Print Album Digitizing

Step 2: Pack & ship

You might visit our Safe Shipping page for tips on shipping loss prevention. 

Step 3: We get to work

When your package arrives, we'll send an email to let you know it's arrived and letting you know when we plan on processing your order.  

You pay for our services when we've completed your order.  At that time, we'll send you an invoice.  

Step 4: Pay via credit card

When we have completed your order, we send you an invoice.  

Step 5:  Return Shipment

When you pay for your order we'll get the box on it's way back to you along with your new digital images.  

Need to save Money?

Want the best image quality?

We have options for that!

Convert Slide To Digital

A little history & the need to preserve

Since the first photograph was taken 186 years ago, more than 3.5 trillion photos have been captured. If you enjoyed taking photos with a conventional film camera instead of by digital means, you may have albums full of moments in time that you want to preserve for future generations. That can be difficult, since photos can be damaged due to improper handling or storage. Although these photos can often be revived with help from a photo restoration service, there are ways to can increase the longevity of your treasured family memories. Here are three photo protection tips that will help you keep those photos looking as fresh and new as the day they were taken:

Store in an optimal location

In order to prevent the need for fade restoration or for restoring photos plagued with damage from water, sun, or mold, you should choose a good place to store them. Although restoring old photos is possible in many cases, sometimes photos become completely ruined when they're stored in poor conditions. Do not store photo albums in an attic, a basement, or a garage. Although the ample storage these spaces provide can be tempting, it's not worth the risk of losing your memories because of flood, rodents, or other conditions. It's best to keep your photos somewhere within the main part of your home, where photos will be protected from damaging elements. Keeping albums on a bookshelf or in an archival photo box under the bed will keep them safe, and keeping them close will encourage you to reflect on fond memories from your past.


Handle with care

Your hands may feel and look clean, but they do have oils and chemicals that can easily damage a picture or photographic slides. You should always handle this items carefully, holding them by the outer edge. Although it's completely possible to correct photographic slides or portraits with a photo restoring service, it's still better to be cautious when touching your photographs.


Convert to digital

The best way to preserve your photographs and photographic slides is to get them digitized. When you use a digitized photo service, your photos will be converted to a different format (which can be stored on a DVD). This will keep your photos looking brand new forever. This digital format will never change, and will be protected from any and all elements. And because it's stored digitally, this will free up storage space and will allow you to easily share your memories wherever you go. You'll never have to worry about handling photos improperly or lugging around heavy albums. Instead, just pull out a DVD and access your memories anywhere.

If you are interested in preserving your photos for easy access and damage prevention, contact us today to find out more about our digitized photo services. We'll help you preserve your memories for years to come!

Convert Slides To Digital Today

Preserve.  Protect.  Share.  Clean up that clutter. Downsize.  Whatever your motivation,  DpsDave can help you get the job done!

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