Economy Standard or Premium- Which Do You Need?

We've made this easy.  The only decision you have to make is  Economy, Standard or Premium grade. 


Our operators study our manuals, get 1:1 training, practice under the supervision of a senior operator, then have to pass a certification test before they can digitize your video tapes.  

Mini DV



Follow this simple process to find which resolution fits your needs the best

Go Economy If: 

  • You have VHS tape and its 2 hours long or less and
  • Your top priority is price 

Go Premium If: 

  • You have tapes longer than 2 hours or
  • You have MiniDV or
  •  You used a later model 8mm Camcorder (2001 & beyond) or 
  • Your top priority is image quality

Go Standard If: 

  • You have a VHS and its more than 2 hours long or
  • You have 8mm tape or
  • You want to watch them on a big screen TV 

Please note: You can still go with economy with a mini dV, or go with Premium with a vHS. These are just our recommendations! 

How we've made this so simple:

  • We use electronics that have much more horsepower than needed, and don't get interrupted by other stuff going on the computer.
    1. This requires expensive circuit boards that have direct access to the computer's memory.
  • We convert to one size better than the highest video standard possible for a given video tape type.  
  • What this means to you:

    • You get the best video possible from your tapes when we convert them to digital.  

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