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Video Tape Conversion to Digital

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Video Conversion to Digital

Transfer your MiniDV Tapes to Digital MP4 or Quicktime Digital Files

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Video Conversion Digital

Video tapes degrade over time.  Transfer all your old video tape to digital to preserve & protect. 

Home Movies 45¢ / foot

There are 5 standard sizes of home movie film a 3 inch reel has 50 feet of film, 4 inches has 100 ft, 5 inches is 200 ft, 6 inches have 300 feet, and finally a 7 inch reel has 400 ft of film.

While there are two main film widths (8mm and 16 mm) and two general types of film (those with and without sound) none of these distinctions have an impact on the cost of digitizing home movies.

Video Conversion Digital

Transfer your Hi-8 Tapes to Digital MP4 or Quicktime Digital Files

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We Help a Little

Our most popular option!  For $30, we send a prepaid UPS label.  There are no size or weight restrictions, so the bigger and heavier the box, the more you save.  Plus, we set the shipping options with UPS to assure the greatest shipping security possible.  

You pack the box, (pack it tight!) tape it up (use lots of tape!) print out the label and put it on the box.  You can call UPS for a pickup, or drop it off at a UPS store or Post Office.

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Prepaid Label 

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If you want some help with shipping your slides, negatives, prints, albums, videos or home movies to us for digitizing, we have options designed just for you.

We Help a Lot

This is the ultimate in ease of use!  You choose a box size, and we'll send it to you with all the packing materials you will need and a prepaid UPS shipping label.  These boxes cost $25 to $65.  

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Video Conversion Digital

Transfer your VHS or VHSc Tapes to Digital MP4 or Quicktime Digital Files

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