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Medium & Large Format Negatives Conversion To Digital




1 to 300

$2.50 each

More Than 300

$2.00 each

Price Includes: 

  • Digitized at 2,400 DPI
  • Proper Orientation
  • Cleaning
  •  Reviewed and touched up by our professional photo editing staff

About Resolution

For medium and large format film, we scan at 2400 DPI resolution.  For 35mm film and slides, we scan at 6,000 DPI resolution.  

Wondering why we dropped the resolution for medium and large format film?

The area of the smallest medium format film is 3.5 times more than the area of 35mm film or slides.  Therefore, we reduce the resolution of the larger film sizes to compensate.  

High tech slide conversion meets simple mail in services so you can enjoy the good old days digitally!

Why DpsDave?

Here's why people love our services

Looks Better

• 6000 DPI

• Image Enhancement

• Color Correction

• 150 MB in a 4MB package


• Clear and Transparent Pricing

• Secure Shipping and Storage

• World Class Customer Support
• Support after you get your order back!

• Serving customers just like you since 2011

Designed for you!

• Lowest prices anywhere, all the time

• Videos made for your type of computer

• Image Organization

• Future proof digital images

Optional Stuff & Extras

Computer CD

Our default option! 

Only $5 for our most popular option.

If you would like to opt for other choices, you can do so at the checkout options, or by leaving a comment on your order. 

USB Stick

If you have a lot of slides this is perfect for you! 

At $15 extra, you can fit virtually any amount of images on your USB stick

If you would like this option simply select "USB stick" at checkout. 

DVD Movie

Get a slideshow DVD of all your memories!

If you would like this option, simply select  "Slide Show Movie" at checkout

External Hard Drive

For $50 extra, a spare hard-drive is a good choice for those needing extra space, and don't want to clog up their computer. 

For this option, just select "External Hard Drive" at the checkout page. 


We can electronically DropBox your slides to you, and keep them there for 90 days.

The best part is this is only $10 extra!

For this option, just select  "Electronic Delivery Via DropBox" at the checkout page. 

(Not available for video orders) 

PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability.

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