Medium Format Film

Medium format film always come in rolls, and uses metric dimensions.  

Medium format is also known as 120 film.    See the table below for specific sizes.

The area of the image is much bigger than 35mm, giving you more detail and much less grain. Medium format sits nicely between 35mm and large format. A medium format camera remains fairly portable but gives a much larger image size than 35mm. 

Large Format Film

Large format film always come in sheets, and uses imperial dimensions.  

Large format film is the oldest format still available.   See the table below for specific sizes.

Medium Format Negative Film


Actual dimension (mm)

6 x 4.5

56 x 41.5

6 x 6

56 x 56

(56mm = 2.2 inch)

6 x 7

56 x 70

6 x 8

56 x 77

6 x 9

56 x 84

6 x 12

56 x 118

6 x 17

56 x 165

Large Format Negative Film


Actual dimension (inch)

4 x 5

4 x 5

5 x 7

5 x 7

8 x 10

8 x 10


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