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Shopping for Photo Scanning Services?  Transferring your old photographs to digital is the easy, safe and cost effective way to preserve, protect and share you memories.

Did you know that often people say that their photos & albums are the first thing they would want to save in a disaster?  Digitize photos and  albums before disaster strikes.  We can scan a whole closet full of photos & albums on a USB stick, which you can put in your bank's safety deposit box.  

Price & Bulk Discounts

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Hi def


More than 5k

¢ each

17 ¢ each

25 ¢ each

2k - 5k

¢ each

19 ¢ each

28 ¢ each

1k- 2k

¢ each

21 ¢ each

32 ¢ each

300 to 1k

¢ each

25 ¢ each

35 ¢ each

Less than 300

$40 + shipping & media

35 ¢ each

37 ¢ each

$40 minimum order   

Using a online photo print digitizing service is easier than finding a local retailer to digitize your prints.  


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Not all Photo Print Digitizing Services are created equal!  Shop carefully, and check reviews.  

  • 300 DPI Conversion
  • 3x5 to 5x7
  • Minimal cleaning
  • Minimal color color correction
  • You turn right side up
  • Some restrictions apply
High Definition 
  • 600 DPI Conversion
  • 3x5 up to 8x10
  • Cleaned
  • Deep Vision Color correction
  • Pampered Photos Available
Premium Digitizing
  • 1200 DPI Conversion
  • 3x5 up to 8x10
  • Cleaned
  • Deep Vision Color correction
  • Pampered Photos Available
Pampered Photos

Adds 9 ¢ each

  • Extra big or small
  • Fragile photos
  • Bent or damaged Photos
  • Have sticky stuff on back
  • Non rectangular

Optional Stuff & Extras

Return Media

You have your choice

DVD data disk


USB stick


External hard drive $50

Cloud delivery


Image Organization

We can reproduce your physical organization into a digital structure that you will recognize.  

Photos into DVD Movie

Get a slideshow DVD of all your memories!

We can do  this for slides, negatives & prints

Expedited Service

In a hurry?  No worry.  We can help!

And Much More

Custom image names

Other file formats

Photo albums

Extra copies

Help with shipping

Economy Print Conversion to Digital Restrictions

To qualify for our economy print conversion to digital service, we ask that you assure that your photos stay within these boundaries.  

  • 3x5 to 5x7 size
  • Please assure all are facing forward
  • No fragile, bent or damaged photos
  • Please assure there is no sticky stuff on the back side
  • Pampered prints not available

digital image organization

Keeping the digital files in the physical order in which they arrive

Keeping the digital files in the same order as the physical originals is important.  

Using senior operators & special processes, your images are scanned in the order they are received.  We can't guarantee that we never make a mistake, but we try really hard and get it just right almost always. 

Price:   $4.00 per folder

Folder Structure and Keeping in Order

Using the physical organization of the originals that you create, a digital organization structure is created for your digital images.  This is how we do it.

File Folders

Each group in your physical organization becomes a file folder as shown above.  You can create groups within groups if you like.  

The best way to create your physical groups is to use rubber bands to hold individual groups together.  If you want to have groups within groups, putting all the stacks of originals you want grouped together into a zip lock bag, and label the bag.  

Image Names

Going even further, we use the folder structure to create meaningful image names.  The image name will inherit all the folder names in the structure above it, then we tack on a serial number to control the sequence.  

For example: 1957- Birthdays - Kate - 001.JPG





Page, each side

Scan of individual pages. Max size: 11x17

$4.00 each

Removal of photos from page & scanning

Each photo is removed, scanned, and returned to the album in its original position. I

$0.75 each

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