Digital Image Quality

Converting Hi Def prints at Econ will degrade the digital image

How to choose between Econ & Hi Def Conversion to digital

did you know that 99% of all printed photos are made 600 DPI resolution?

Race Cars digital image resolution example

Full Size Photo

Race Cars digital image resolution example

300 DPI

Economy Definition

600 DPI

High Definition

Economy is less expensive, but might disappoint when you zoom in or display the digital image on a large screen.  Economy has some restrictions as well.   

Hi Definition preserves all the detail possible, and is restriction free!  

You get to choose which works best for you

Simple Mail In Service Meets Hi Tech So you can enjoy the good old days digitally!

Resolution for converting prints to digital

Don't Skimp on Resolution

The photo scanning process needs to capture the smallest detail on the photo.  Most photos were were made with a resolution of 600 DPI. (For photos made via the chemical & optical process, the grain size in the paper corresponded to 600 DPI)   Nobody made photos at 300 DPI, and if you scan at 300 DPI resolution you will loose a lot of detail as shown above. 

Have both a negative and a print of the same image?  It is better to get the print scanned, if the print is not damaged.

We deliver unbeatable image quality at an unbelievable price.   We obsessed on this goal for half a decade, and developed new photo digitizing technologies and processes which make this possible.  Available only at DpsDave!

But, taking care of you is just as important!   We take the time to understand your needs & dreams.  We believe that the transition from film to digital is difficult, so we'll support you after the work is done, not just before the order.  We understand that stuff goes wrong, and people change their minds, so we're flexible.  We want you to feel good about your old photos, and we'll make sure working with us feels good too!

Resolution for converting prints to digital

professional photo scanning

digital image organization

Keeping the digital files in the physical order in which they arrive

Keeping the digital files in the same order as the physical originals is important.  

Using senior operators & special processes, your images are scanned in the order they are received.  We can't guarantee that we never make a mistake, but we try really hard and get it just right almost always. 

Price:   $4.00 per folder

Folder Structure and Keeping in Order

Using the physical organization of the originals that you create, a digital organization structure is created for your digital images.  This is how we do it.

File Folders

Each group in your physical organization becomes a file folder as shown above.  You can create groups within groups if you like.  

The best way to create your physical groups is to use rubber bands to hold individual groups together.  If you want to have groups within groups, putting all the stacks of originals you want grouped together into a zip lock bag, and label the bag.  

Image Names

Going even further, we use the folder structure to create meaningful image names.  The image name will inherit all the folder names in the structure above it, then we tack on a serial number to control the sequence.  

For example: 1957- Birthdays - Kate - 001.JPG

Resolution for converting prints to digital

Optional Stuff & Extras

Return Media

You have your choice

DVD data disk


USB stick


External hard drive $50

Cloud delivery


Image Organization

We can reproduce your physical organization into a digital structure that you will recognize.  

Photos into DVD Movie

Get a slideshow DVD of all your memories!

We can do  this for slides, negatives & prints

Expedited Service

In a hurry?  No worry.  We can help!

And Much More

Custom image names

Other file formats

Photo albums

Extra copies

Help with shipping

help with shipping to dpsDave

We Help a Little

Our most popular option!  For $30, we send a prepaid UPS label.  There is a weight limit of 20 pounds, which is a heck of a lot of photos or videos.  Plus, we set the shipping options with UPS to assure the greatest shipping security possible.  

You pack the box, (pack it tight!) tape it up (use lots of tape!) print out the label and put it on the box.  You can call UPS for a pickup, or drop it off at a UPS store or Post Office.

Choose this option by selecting 

Prepaid Label 

on the checkout page.

If you want some help with shipping your slides, negatives, prints, albums, videos or home movies to us for digitizing, we have options designed just for you.

We Help a Lot

This is the ultimate in ease of use!  You choose a box size, and we'll send it to you with all the packing materials you will need and a prepaid UPS shipping label.  These boxes cost $25 to $65.  

Choose this option by selecting the size of 


on the checkout page

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