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MAC Users - MP4 movies won't play

MACs are great computers

But they don't play well with others.  Many of the MAC operating systems will only play Quick Time movies (.MOV files)

During checkout, DpsDave offers a choice of file types for movies: Windows, MAC or Both.  If you choose Both, we provide an MP4 file, as this is the most widely accepted movie format across devices and operating systems.  However, there are a few MAC OSs that just won't cooperate.  

Here's what to do if your MP4 won't play in your MAC

Option 1: Upgrade your OS to Sonoma

Probably a good idea anyway, but is hard to do and doesn't garentee that a MP4 will play, although I've only heard of issues on Mac Books.  

Option 2 : Install alternate movie player & drivers

Here is a free player made especially for this purpose that I use.  (Yes I have a cranky MAC)   ELMEDIA PLAYER   Hit the download button on the page that pops up.  Install it, and your MAC can play MP4s.  

Option 3 : DpsDave makes Quick Time files for you

We can convert your MP4 files to Quicktime.  The QuickTime files will play on your MAC, but don't always play on other devices or operating systems.  You have the MP4 files for the systems that don't accept Quicktime.  

We will have to charge $5 for the conversion and additional for shipping delivery media, but it's an easy, quick way. 

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