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Digitize Slides, Prints, Negatives, Albums & Tapes

Save money by doing some of the work!

  1. Only 4x6 and 5x7 photos please
  2. Make sure all the photos face the same way.
  3. Bundle the photos together in stacks and secure with a rubber band.

Photo Scanning Restrictions (Economy Grade Only)

There are some photos that DpsDave cannot scan for Economy Grade

  • Laminated photos
  • Photos mounted on stiff backing
  • Photos with sticky stuff, tape or post-its on them


Mary Lou S.  Los Altos, CA

I am so so thrilled that we chose DpsDave! This team is fantastic -- great service, great customer interaction, results much much better than we could have ever dreamed of. We now have a DVD movie -- with music -- of all the slides my dad took between 1941 and the 1960s -- including the notes my dad wrote on the back of many. We also have a digital copy of each slide plus copies of movies my dad took that filled 40 cassettes. You can't go wrong with DpsDave! 

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