Race Cars digital image resolution example

Full Size pic

Race Cars digital image resolution example

300 DPI

Economy Grade

Race Cars digital image resolution example

600 DPI

Hi Def Grade

1200 DPI

Premium Grade

See what a difference resolution makes!

How your digital photos are going to be viewed is the most important thing to determines what grade of conversion to digital you will need.  

  • Our economy grade looks great on display screen that are smaller than the original print.  If you are using a cell phone and don't usually zoom in, go economy!
  • Our High Definition grade matches the resolution at which 99% of photo prints in the world are made, and meets the needs of most of our customers.  
  • Our Premium  grade matches the resolution of prints made on fine grain paper, such as portraits.  These special prints cost ten times as normal prints, so there are not many of those around.  Example: Portraits hanging on your wall.  

How to decide which grade will work best for you.

  • If you are using a cell phone and don't usually zoom in, go Economy!
  • If you typically look at your digital images on a screen larger than 8x12, or tend to zoom in to see detail, go Hi Definition
  • If you want your digital copies of your prints to be future proof and the best they can be, go Premium!

Simple Mail In Service Meets Hi Tech So you can enjoy the good old days digitally!

Don't Skimp on Resolution

The photo scanning process needs to capture the smallest detail on the photo.  Most photos were were made with a resolution of 600 DPI. (For photos made via the chemical & optical process, the grain size in the paper corresponded to 600 DPI)   Nobody made photos at 300 DPI, and if you scan at 300 DPI resolution you will loose a lot of detail as shown above. 

Have both a negative and a print of the same image?  It is better to get the print scanned, if the print is not damaged.

Worried About Shipping?  We Can Help!

Choose Our Prepaid  label or one of our custom Shipping Boxes At Checkout.   This will eliminate the risk of your package getting lost.

Follow our safe shipping guidelines to eliminate the risk of damage during shipment..

UPS Secure Shipping was developed to compete with the armored truck business to transport extremely high value packages.  Your memories are just as valuable, so let us take care of them for you.  


We deliver unbeatable image quality at an unbelievable price.   We obsessed on this goal for half a decade, and developed new photo digitizing technologies and processes which make this possible.  Available only at DpsDave!

But, taking care of you is just as important!   We take the time to understand your needs & dreams.  We believe that the transition from film to digital is difficult, so we'll support you after the work is done, not just before the order.  We understand that stuff goes wrong, and people change their minds, so we're flexible.  We want you to feel good about your old photos, and we'll make sure working with us feels good too!

DPSDave is the type of business you dream about doing business with. When you call, the boss answers the phone!! I have used Dave Orr service twice to convert 35mm slides (50 years old) to jpgs. He is patient with naive questions and kindly explains his services. He uses the best technology available, that other processors charge extra for. His turn around time is very fast. I recommend DPSDave without reservation!

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