What Happens When We Crop Slides

Cropping Dimensions

Here are the dimensions of the window in a 35mm slide.
 The dashed line is where the edge of your digital image will be in relation to the slide frame

For the other film types...
 â€¦which come mounted in a 50x50 mm frame the dimensions of the window changes, but the distance from the edge of the window to the crop widows is the same (1.5mm)

Here is the size of the film in the slide

If you pull the 35mm film out from the slide mount, this is what it looks like

The picture your camera put on the film is 10% larger by area than the window in the slide frame.  

Our Process

What to expect

Our job is to deliver a digital image without parts of the frame showing.

We have to crop the image smaller that the opening in the slide mount to assure:

  • The digital image doesn't have parts of the rounded corners of the mount showing
  • The cardboard hairs sticking out from the slide mount don't show.  

Other Film Sizes

No worries.  We will crop any size film that is mounted in a 2x2 slide as described above.  


Actually we crop the images less than back in the day when prints were being made from slides at photo labs.  Back then, technicians had a mask that they use to crop the images.  They faced the same issues with the corners & debris that hang out close to the edge of the slide mount window.  

But, the photo techs back in the day didn't have digital control as is available today.  The old school way was to use the edge of the mount to position the slide, then have the mask attached to the slide mount, then adjust the focal length, get the paper in place, and push the button.  Each of these things added error, and at the end, the masks used had to be (a lot) smaller than the 1.5mm we enjoy today.  

I remember getting my very expensive prints back, and seeing the big difference between what was on the print and what was on the slide itself.  Compared to my disappointment back then, I'm really thrilled with todays digital results.  

What Happens When We Crop 35mm Negatives

35mm Negatives

Here is the size of 35mm negative film

We crop the digital image .020 inch from the edge of the emulsion as shown  

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