The USPS (United States Postal Service) is known for being the least expensive carrier but has limited tracking capability. If a package doesn’t show up, they do not know exactly where to look to locate it.  Some customers place a very high value on their photos, and are concerned about them getting lost in the mail.  For these customers, it makes sense to pay a little more and use United Parcel Service (UPS).

UPS Logo

The guys in the brown trucks are more expensive, but their robust tracking system creates secure shipping.  With UPS, packages are automatically logged on and off of each truck and in and out of every warehouse. This allows them to track down a package if it gets misplaced, as they know exactly where to look. Please think carefully about which shipping service to use when you ship your photos to be scanned.

On our part, however, we cannot afford to lose a single package, so we always ship your package back to you via United Parcel Service. It costs a little more but provides a lot more safety  as your photos travel back to you from us!   Assuring the safety of your photos and/or slides is imperative, so we think it is a good idea to pay a little extra for shipping service,  as it makes our customers happy with our services.

Surprisingly, sending your photos to DpsDave to get scanned is safer than taking them into a big retail store to have them scanned.  Most people think that taking their photos to a big retail chain like Walmart for scanning services means that the photos will be scanned in the store.  But, these big retail outlets send them out to a company in California for scanning.  Since there are more steps in the process (5 steps: You – Walmart – Ca. Company – Walmart – you), the likelihood of mistakes is greater than the 3 step process of sending your photos to DpsDave for scanning services.   Finally, if there is a problem, you can call DpsDave, and the president will answer, and the problem will get resolved.

There are some specialty retail photo shops that provide scanning services on the premises.  The risk of losing your originals is less, as there is no shipping risk.

Make sure that you put the correct address to our building as well:  DpsDave.com, 5060 SW Philomath Blvd #314 Corvallis, Oregon 97333. We wouldn’t want you to send your precious pictures or slides to an incorrect address.