Why More Aging Americans Are Logging Onto Facebook

professional photo scanningA recent survey from the Pew Research Center reveals some surprising facts about aging Americans. A growing number of Americans ages 65 and up are regularly using the Internet. Specifically, “59% reported using the Internet,” according to Mainline Media News. That’s a 24% increase from 2008, when just 35% of seniors made a habit of going online. What exactly are older Americans doing on the Internet?

Facebook Isn’t Just For College Students Anymore
For several years now, Facebook has been tweaking its user policies. Now that it has been some time since the social media network required a college or university email address to sign up, it’s catching on with the older crowd — and particularly with seniors. Nearly half (49%) of all seniors 65+ use Facebook, as reported by Forrester and its “Digital Seniors” report. Of course, that raises questions about why seniors log onto the social networking service and what they get out of it. And Forrester answers these questions, too. The overwhelming majority of seniors say they use Facebook primarily to keep in touch and/or reconnect with family and friends; the second most popular reason to use Facebook is to share and view photos.

Getting Your Old Photos On Facebook
Of course, there are some challenges. While it is worthwhile for seniors to see new pictures of friends and family, it is also more than reasonable to want to share photos of their own — and it can be particularly fun to share some pictures from long ago, especially when reconnecting with an old friend. Thankfully, there are several simple solutions. Professional photo scanning, image scanning services, and photo digitizing services are all great options. Picture scanning services can be used to digitize photo albums, digitize photos taken with disposable (in 2011, one-time use cameras accounted for 31 million rolls of film, or 60% of all film sold) and water-proof cameras, or even to scan old slides to use and share online.

Pictures are an important part of our lives. Over 3.5 trillion have been taken since the first picture ever, and the ability to quickly and easily share them online (thanks to Facebook and professional photo scanning) — and among all age groups — is likely to drive this number up even higher.