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Converting your VHS tapes

Your memories are important to us, therefore we have added this new service! At DpsDave you can now get up to 10 hours of video consolidated onto 1 DVD!!

Time to declutter your bookshelves.




We can record up to 10 hours of tape and have it all be placed onto 1 DVD, traditionally there is about 2 hours of video on one tape. It is our standard practice to record your whole video and transfer it to a DVD, regardless if the tape is full. For example we will convert your whole video even if you only have 1.5 hours of video on a 2 hour tape. This means that at the end of this tape there is 30 minutes of static or the video is just black, because it is unused. The price for only having 1.5 hours of tape verses having a full tape does not change the overall price, it is still $20 to convert a VHS tape regardless of the amount of video on the tape. However, having the static or blackness at the end of your video does not affect your newly converted video because you can stop it when it is finished and move onto the next one. If you have more than one VHS that you want digitized we can put up to 10 hours of video onto 1 DVD, and on the DVDs home screen you will be able to see a thumbnail of each of your converted videos. This is helpful because all of your videos will be located in one area on your DVD and you can jump from one to the next without any trouble! The quality of the video does not change in the digitizing process, your new video will have the same video quality as when it was filmed. Your videos will be given an automated number unless you specify in your order that you would like them labeled with specific names. If you would like to have your videos specifically named on the DVD home screen, please make the label obvious on the tape and this will help the technicians processing your order. However because it takes time to rename your videos and make sure that everything is to the customers standards, this does require an extra charge. In addition if you would like our technicians to trim the tail end of your videos this is also an extra charge. Please reference the price chart below if you have any questions about pricing, or give us a call, the President answers!