The Imperfection of Photographs, And Why Some Photos Should Never Be ‘Perfected’

photo restoration

Many people believe digital photos don’t have the same personal and sentimental value. Years ago, you had to make sure you found the perfect angle and had the perfect lighting before clicking that shutter button, because you had to make the most of that roll of film. And if you didn’t get the best picture possible… Well, you’d find that out after you filled the roll and had your pictures developed.

If your photos didn’t turn out perfectly when they came back from the drug store, you might have been disappointed. Looking back at your photo albums now, and comparing them to the “photoshopped” pictures that kids today take on their cellphones and computers, all of the imperfections on your own photos somehow make them more personal. Around 10% of young adults today admit that the majority of their photos are “gone in 60 seconds,” meaning that most photos are deleted and taken again… and again… and again… until the perfect picture appears on the digital screen.

If you’re like one in four American families today, your photographs are your most prized possessions, even more so than your birth certificate or Social Security number. They’re one of a kind. They’re your memories laid out in front of you, and they wouldn’t be real if they were completely perfect.

So why even bother with photo restoring services?

Despite the popularity of digital photography, at least half of all Americans believe that digital photos can’t — and won’t — replace real prints. Restoring old photos is important, because your kids, your grandkids, and your great-grandkids for years to come will be looking at your photo albums. Preserving your memories is important and it doesn’t have to take away any of the sentimental value of old photos.

Photo restoration involves many different aspects: it addresses discoloration, small damaged segments (like coffee cup stains or scratch marks) which were incurred after the photo was taken, and even fold marks or tears. You have the ability to choose which aspects you’ll address with a photo restoration expert; you don’t have to change everything about your pictures to make them “perfect” when you’re restoring photos.

Your pictures, and all of their imperfections, are unique and should be preserved that way. All you have to do is find a great photo restoration service that understands!