The History of the Photograph

photo restoration

Today, the selfie is everywhere. With the rise of mobile technology, it is hard to be without a camera. Photos are used to document little aspects of everyday life, but they were not always invented for this reason. Read on below to learn more about the history and development of the photograph.

Photography came to be when the inventor Thomas Wedgewood decided to combine the ideas that images can be visibly altered when exposed to light in 1800. Though he wasn’t successful, Frenchman Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype process 20 years later. This was the first photographic process which only required a few minutes of light exposure. His photos had clean, crisply detailed results, a first the world had ever seen. Since then, more than three and a half trillion photos have been taken.

Several technological inventions were developed in the following 100 years. Methods for printing negatives on glass, silver, and paper treated with harsh chemicals were all implemented, but they made it hard for an everyday person to use. Eventually, the need for light exposure decreased from minutes to just a couple of seconds.

The photographic process was finally refined and improved with the emergence of George Eastman of Rochester, New York. Eastman developed a way of printing dry gel onto paper, so photographers would not have to carry bulky photographic plates and chemicals with them. Known now as photographic film, this revolutionized photography as we know it.

Eastman went on to start Eastman Kodak, a photographic business specializing in easy to use cameras and film. They released their first camera with the slogan ‘you press the button, we do the rest’, allowing anyone the ability to take a picture leaving the complex developing to the professionals. The first mass produced camera, the Kodak Brownie went on the market in 1901.

For the past 115 years, cameras have given anyone the ability to capture everyday moments. These precious photos have been labeled by 24% of American families as their most important possessions. But how does one go about saving their snapshots for future use? Easy — photo restoration.

Photo restoration is the process of restoring old photos into photo digitization. Old photo restoration services convert your old prints into digital files for safekeeping. Making your photos digital will help you enjoy the good old days without having to worry about losing your photos or damaging the physical copies. You will get your photos in a digital album, and have some peace of mind knowing your pictures are safe.

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