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Slide Scanning Equipment

 The equipment we’ll use to scan your slides is comprised of several modules, and it takes weeks for new operators to become certified in it’s operation. A distributed high speed parallel computing system works with mechanical systems to produce digital images from slides. An operator assures that each slide is facing forward, then feeds the slides into our image capture machine, where each slide is cleaned, analyzed and digitized automatically. The computing system performs over a billion operations on each image, and our operators and specialists will examine the results along the way. At the end of the day, the computers get 99% of the images just right, and the specialists manually adjusted the rest. Here’s a schematic of the system:

Here is how our slide scanning system compares with other scanning system used in the industry:

Show me why I should care

These specifications create an obvious and compelling difference! Using actual digital images, we’ll show you the difference.


Usually measured in Dots Per Inch (DPI) this is the most influential element of the digitizing process. Lower resolution makes the edges of objects jagged, and our eyes interpret this as loss of focus. Here is an example:

Dynamic Range

Usually measured as a ratio of the brightest to the darkest part of a digital image or D-range (a logarithmic measurement), this is a measure of the sensitivity of the sensors in the scanners. This element starts to dominate image quality as resolution gets higher, and really drives up the cost of the scanning equipment. Below is a comparison of a dark slide scanned on the DpsDave system versus the Nikon system. The grainy appearance of the Nikon image is a result of sensors trying to see in the dark, and introducing errors into the image data.

Post Scan Processing (Color Fix)

The real magic happens after the image is digitized, and is performed by 12 subsystems in our image processing software suite. Digital Ice was developed in the 90’s, and was limited by available sensor and computing technologies. Digital Ice functionality is similar to the “Color Fix” module in the DpsDave Image Processing Software Suite. As you can see our Image Processing Software Suite really makes a difference! Here are some examples of the differences: