Our artists will use your images to produce a movie with:

•  10 second display for each image
•  Fade in and fade out transition between the images
•  Pan and zoom effect for each image
•  Background music

The maximum movie length is 2 hours, and displays about 700 images

To add a movie to your order, click the MOVIE button during the checkout process.

You can have us make a movie from slides or photos or both.

The movie playing above is an example of what a DpsDave movie looks like. You can see that the motion we’ve added looks natural, and that the images are high quality.
The order of the images will match the order you established (if any) when you packed up the photos. If you established a folder structure for your order per our Image Organization guidelines, we will make movie chapters that you can jump to from the movie start menu, or jump forward to back to from within the movie.