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We return ship using UPS for the safety of your originals

We cannot afford to lose a single package, so we always ship your package back to you via United Parcel Service. It costs a little more but provides a lot more safety as your photos travel back to you from us! Assuring the safety of your photos and/or slides is imperative, so we think it is a good idea to pay a little extra for shipping service, as it makes our customers happy with our services.

Surprisingly, sending your photos to DpsDave to get scanned is safer than taking them into a big retail store to have them scanned. Most people think that taking their photos to a big retail chain like Walmart for scanning services means that the photos will be scanned in the store. But, these big retail outlets send them out to a company in California for scanning. Since there are more steps in the process (5 steps: You – Walmart – Ca. Company – Walmart – you), the likelihood of mistakes is greater than the 3 step process of sending your photos to DpsDave for scanning services. Finally, if there is a problem, you can call DpsDave, and the president will answer, and the problem will get resolved.