Send A Box

Box includes tape, bubble wrap, & the UPS shipping label which will bring the box back to DpsDave in Oregon.  Just pack your photos inside, seal it up and apply the UPS label.

Please make sure your NAME IS INSIDE THE BOX!

Take the box to a UPS Store and they will ship it, or you can call UPS and a driver will come to your door to pick the box up.

We offer 3 sizes of boxes, and you can see how many photos each box can hold below.

We also offer a Prepaid UPS Shipping Label if you already have a shipping box.

Scanning Services Not Included


•  You select the box size
•  We mail you a box with packing materials and a return label inside
•  You pack the box
•  Drop it off at a UPS store, and that’s it! Next stop: Oregon for processing!

How Does This Work?

Our Send A Box program is the ultimate in convenience! No running around looking for a box, some tape, and padding. We send all that! At checkout select the Send A Box service and a box size. We will send you the box and inside it will be air pillows, a return label, and tape. 

Why Don’t We Include Scanning Services In The Price?

We just don’t think that this would be fair.  For instance, we packed 2,250 4×6 prints into our small box.  But, nobody has all 4×6 prints, maybe you have a lot of bigger photos also, and the actual number of photos you can get in there might be 1,600.  We don’t think it’s fair to charge for 2,250 photos when you might only be able to get 1,600 in the box.  Or maybe you just have 500 photos, and want a shipping box.

Still have questions about how Send A Box? Give us a call, the president answers!