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Photo Saturation

About Photo Scanning Saturation

Before we discuss what goes into photo scanning saturation, we want to explain why we are focusing on it as a topic. Increasing saturation is like increasing color intensity. The extra attention we pay to photo scanning saturation makes a difference in our digital photos when compared to some other photo to digital transfer service providers. We can’t tell you how many times we have received a call where someone utilized another service and experienced clipping (loss of detail) or over saturation of skin tones (looking orange and unnatural), because the service provider didn’t understand the importance of saturation.

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Even if someone has a basic understanding of what photo saturation is, he or she may not understand how to set up the scanner to accurately capture color saturation in your photos by adjusting dynamic range and other settings. At DpsDave, we use a whopping 14 bits per channel to assure we capture every bit of color nuance and vibrancy in your photographs.

Here’s a closer look at the importance of photo scanning saturation and how our approach to photo saturation can enhance your photos and make life’s precious moments even more eye-catching and captivating.

Understanding the Photo Scanning Saturation Process

Vibrancy is one of a few tools that can be used to increase intensity of an otherwise “muted” photo. Some people call vibrancy adjusters smart tools in photo editing and scanning programs, because the tool will recognize well-saturated colors and leave them alone while adjusting for those colors that aren’t well saturated. Any photo scanning saturation specialist will have an idea of how increasing vibrancy works with increasing saturation.

When photos are scanned, there are often issues with the level of color in the photos, referred to as saturation. Have you ever looked at older photograph and thought, “Gee, I don’t remember it being that dreary the day we took that picture”? Welcome to the concept of low saturation, turning your otherwise happy memories to sad scene depictions.

Think of saturation in terms of the coloration on your television set. If you reduce the color level too much, you’ll end up with a picture that’s dull or pretty close to black and white. If you go too far in the other direction, you’ll get a blast of color that leaves you with a picture that is almost too hard to look at.

Improper saturation can unintentionally create the wrong mood. For instance, a wedding photo taken on a bright sunny day with dull saturation can give the photo a more somber appearance than was intended when the photo was taken. Conversely, super bright colors can create an infusion of color that can be difficult to look at with the human eye.

If you are just beginning learning about color, you can check out our photo color page on the website to learn a little bit more about that.

What We Do When It Comes to Picture Saturation

During our photo scanning saturation process, we do the following:

  • Restore faded colors in your photos
  • Improve the overall quality of your photos
  • Correct any uneven color balances in your photos

But, just as important, we look at saturation AND vibrancy to restore the true colors of your photos. The picture scanning saturation process we employ is meant to restore the original colors of your photos. We use our photo scanner to scan each photo multiple times to ensure the proper picture saturation of each color. Our goal is restore the coloration of your photos to create an image that looks the way it was intended to look the moment the picture was taken.

At DpsDave, we’re able to correct issues when we digitize photos that may have faded over time without sacrificing the basic integrity of your photos. We use a high-quality photo scanner to correct issues with saturation, resulting in a digital image that restores your photos to the way they were meant to look. In fact, proper saturation can even enhance the clarity of your photos, especially photos that were originally taken with a camera that failed to capture the right photo scanning saturation levels.

We use a top quality photo scanner. Determining the correct saturation levels of a photo that’s being scanned–for the purpose of creating a digital image of that photo to conveniently share with loved ones–is a tricky process. For instance, it’s not unusual for a photo to include different shades of the same color. Some photo enhancing programs simply guess at the proper saturation levels, often missing the smaller details that can make a difference when it comes to picture quality.

Consider the following facts:

  • Traditional photo scanning programs involve a lot of guesswork
  • Scanning a photo into a digital image can remove some saturation
  • Trying to fix all saturation levels at once can create uneven coloration

If you’ve ever tried to digitize photos you’ve scanned onto your own computer, then you’re probably aware of the fact that saturation levels don’t always translate well from the original photo. Without the use of special equipment designed to maximize the quality of your photos during the picture scanning saturation process, it’s difficult to accurately restore a scanned photo back to the way it was supposed to look. That is why DpsDave is here to help with your photo scanning saturation needs!

Saving Your Old Photos With Picture Scanning Saturation

It’s not unusual for customers to send us boxes or collections of older photos. While we’re delighted to transfer such photos into digital form, you may be surprised at how we may be able to improve the quality of your color photos with saturation adjustments. If, for example, you send up a bunch of old family reunion photos, we’ll scan each photo four times, using a different color filter with each scan and a clear filter to accurately capture the contrast.

What about with correcting pre-digital photo errors? Problems with saturation aren’t always related to the age of your photographs. Before the age of digital cameras, the quality of photos was heavily dependent upon the skill of the person taking the photographs. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to fix all issues with improper camera settings that resulted in issues with saturation, we’ll certainly do our best to restore the correct photo saturation within your photos.

Unlike traditional photos, the digital photos we’ll provide for you can easily shared over and over without affecting the quality of the saturation. You can make multiple copies of the CD we’ll send you to give to loved ones as a gift without worrying about the picture saturation. With the proper saturation levels restored, our digital photos of your originals make great keepsakes, terrific gifts and fun surprises.

Digitized photos, in general, will last longer than traditional photos, even those that have been in boxes or tucked away in the attic for years. The photo scanner that we use further preserves your treasured photos by restoring the original saturation levels. Since your photos will be digitized, you no longer have to worry about colors fading.

Take advantage of our high-quality photo scanning saturation process and breathe new life into your photos by trusting your memories to DpsDave. We’ll deliver digital copies of your photos with colorful images you’ll absolutely love to save and share.

Get started today and see what a difference our attention to detail and saturation makes. Contact the staff at DpsDave with any questions and we’ll help you revitalize and preserve your cherished memories.