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Photo Print Digitizing Service

Price depend on volume and resolution, and ranges from 37¢ to 8¢ each.

Customer satisfaction ranges from almost perfect to perfect!

photo digitizing service
restoring old photos
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professional photo scanning

We offer 3 resolution levels to meet your needs.


Do some of the work yourself and save.  Some restrictions apply

300 DPI

Hi Def

Preserve all the detail, our most popular option

600 DPI


For the best detail capture, portrait or large format reproduction

1200 DPI

ECONOMY: DpsDave scans these photos at 300 DPI. The digital images tend to look out of focus on displays that are larger than the original, and our experience is that customers are generally disappointed with this option. For why this is, visit our Resolution page. But we realize that there are circumstances where it makes sense to scan at 300 DPI.  In addition, you can save even more by doing some of the work yourself! Color Fix, Image Rotation, Scanning in Order and Custom File Structure services are optional.  However, to qualify for this amazingly low price, you have to do some of the work yourself!  CLICK HERE to see how.

HIGH DEFINITION: Our most popular option, these photos are scanned at 600 DPI. Color Fix, Image Rotation, Scanning in Order and Custom File Structure are thrown in for free! This option allows you to zoom in so you can recognize faces and make prints. Our experience is that customers are thrilled with this option. These digital images pack in 4 times the data of a 300 DPI scan.

Ultra High Resolution: The ultimate in scanning quality. Professional photographers, museums, restoration experts and graphic artists use this to maximize the quality of their digital images. These digital images pack in 16 times the image data of a 300 DPI scan.

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