Prices for slide scanning


  • 6,000 DPI
  • DpsDave Difference Digitizing Technology
  • Professional Level Fade Correction

total number of slides

Scanning Price

More than 5,000

19 ¢ Each

2,000 to 5,000

21 ¢ Each

1,000 To 1,999

23 ¢ Each

300 To 999

28 ¢ Each

less than 300

41 ¢ Each

Price Includes

- Proper Orientation

- Reviewed and touched up by our professional photo editing staff

- Cleaned & Kept in the order sent

- File folder structure as you define

- Shipped to you on an archive quality optical disk

Slides shipped in non-Kodak carousels, magazines or sheets are 5¢ extra

Don't be fooled!  If it looks better, it is better.

We take the time to scan at a higher resolution, making the difference shown to the left.    

With DpsDave, you get high image quality at a low price!   What could be better?