Picture Scanning Services: How to Preserve Your Cherished Memories Forever

picture scanning servicesWith camera phones, cameras in game consoles and tablets, as well as webcams, digital photography is a rapidly growing industry that continues to progress as technology makes taking pictures more and more accessible. In fact, it is estimated by Yahoo that in 2014, more than 880 billion photos were taken.

Preserving family photos has change exponentially in the past two decades. While maintaining physical family photo albums or scrapbooks was the norm 20 years ago, the digital revolution has dramatically impacted the way we view and store photographs. While digital photos are certainly the wave of the future, what happens to the old, tangible photographs we are still clinging to? How do we preserve them for the future?

With almost 25% of the population claiming that family photographs are their most prized documents (even over birth certificates and social security cards), it is easy to see why preserving these memories is important. Yet, many people don’t consider how their family legacy will be kept safe. When 250 parents were questioned, over 50% claimed they had not done anything in order to preserve family photographs or memories. If you haven’t given it much thought either, you may want to consider picture digitizing services. There are many picture scanning services that can help restore, repair, and preserve all of your physical photographs for years to come.

What You Need to Know About Picture Scanning Services:
1. The Basics – Many places offer digital photo services, which simply means, converting your physical photograph into a digital version that you can share, save, and protect much better than a tangible copy. Many places also allow consumers to drop off full photo albums that can be converted, as well as slides, which are uploaded via slide digitalizing services.

2. Restore and Repair – Of the many image scanning services available, some offer old photo restoration services, which can make old photos look like new again. Cracks and bends in old photographs can be repaired so that your digital copy remains the best quality available.

3. Disposable Popularity – It is estimated that over 31 million rolls of film were purchased in 2011 for disposable cameras. Many weddings and other receptions are allowing guests to capture their favorite moments with disposable cameras. This allows for more photo options, but can also leave the hosts with a mess of cameras to deal with. Sending these in to a camera shop offering picture scanning services can help eliminate the physical clutter, by converting the images to digital files.

Picture scanning services are more important than ever during this digital age. Don’t let your memories get washed away and forgotten; look into digitalizing your photos today.