Photo Scanning Service

Our photo Scanning Service-Clearly the Best!

We’re old school, and will treat you with old school courtesy!  We’ll spend all the time you need in the beginning so you can understand all the details, we’ll keep you informed as your order gets processed, and we’ll even help you if you have problems with the !#@&! computer when you’ve gotten the order back and are trying to view the scanned photos!

Our Prices are the best on the internet!

Our technology investment created a productivity advantage over others in the industry, allowing us to offer you great service at a great price, and we do all the work here in the USA.   Our prices are the result years of engineers obsessing about the details!  It’s an example of American know-how winning over cheap foreign labor, and is only available at DpsDave.

Scanning in Oregon & partnering with UPS makes it safe.

Your photos will be scanned to digital in our production facility in Philomath, Oregon.   We have partnered with United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipping, as the UPS Secure Shipping Network is the best there is.  Our employees recognize how valuable your photographs are to you, and are dedicated to earning the trust you place in us when you send us your photos.

Being a small company makes it personal.

Call us, and you will talk to the president!  If you have questions, he  knows the answers.  If you have a complaint, he feels the pain.  Most importantly, thrilling each and every customer with our service and quality is critical to our success!

Trust us to convert your slides to digital.