Photo Albums


At DpsDave we understand that your photo albums are one of your most prized possessions! Therefore it is our promise that your photo albums will get scanned and returned to you just as they came! We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and that translates to taking care of their belongings. We understand that your photo albums are a work of art that took blood, sweat, and tears. Your meticulous notes, organization, color scheme, will not go unnoticed by our technicians. We will take the utmost care and caution when handling your families memories. Our technicians wear clean room gloves to make sure that the oil from their fingers does not cause any unforeseeable damage to the pages and/or pictures. You can rest assured that your memories will be returned to you just as you sent them!

Digitize your Photo Albums

Your memories are important to us, and we would be thrilled to digitize your photo albums! While photo albums are relatively safe and protect your pictures, they can’t always stand the test of time.

It is important to note that we cannot digitize scrapbooks with any 3D objects, because the item is not flush with the page causes the images to be out of focus!



At DpsDave we can digitize your whole photo album: front cover, inside pages, and backside cover. We have found that most customers prefer to have the front of the photo albums scanned because it is either labeled, or decorated. If you would like to have your whole photo album digitized and not just the pages, please leave us a note on the checkout page. Traditionally, when we scan photo albums we scan the entire page in the photo album. Our customers like this type of scanning because the notes and background are scanned along with the pictures. Our customers have expressed that keeping the information and images together is important to them so that they can pass on the given information to the upcoming generation.

In addition to digitizing your photo album we also offer the option to electronically extract images from a photo album page. For example, if we scan one of your photo album pages and you have 4 photos on one page. We can, electronically, extract each image from that page, so as the customer when you view your photos instead of seeing one image that looks exactly like your photo album, you will see four individual pictures. We feel that this service is a safer approach than taking out individual pictures from your photo albums, scanning them, and placing them back into the photo album. However, depending on the protective sheet in your photo album scanning the photo album pages as a whole might not work out. Sometimes there are scratches or the protective film can collect dust and get dirty, therefore taking the images out individually would be the best method to digitize your photo album. In situations such as these, you can still rest assured that our technicians will do their absolute best to put your photos back into the pages as they found them.


Image quality

Your photo album pages will be scanned at 600dpi! What is 600 dpi you ask? DPI is simplified for Dots Per Inch, DPI is related to the number of pixels that your print (photo) contains. Simply put, the quality of our scanned photos will look exactly like the print itself. When your photo is scanned, it will not lose resolution or clarity. 

If you are wanting the image extraction option or want our technicians to remove individual images from the photo album pages by hand, these options are also scanned at 600dpi. Color correction is not an option when a full photo album page is scanned, simply because each picture is different and while one color correction may work for one photo it won’t work for all. Your scanned photo album page will look exactly like your photo album page. If you would like the option of color correction, image extraction or the removal of individual images is the way to go. Our skilled photo editors will process your photos and make color corrections as they see fit. There is no additional price for color correction, however in our price chart below you can see that there is an additional charge for image extraction and removal of photos from a page. Here is an example of how pricing would work with image extraction, say one photo album page has four photos on it. It is $1 to scan one photo album page, and each image on that page is an extra $0.25 for image extraction; so for one page with four photos on it, it is $2.