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Digitize Slides, Prints, Negatives, Albums & Tapes

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Operating normally, but our drop off lobby is closed

Current Turnaround Time:

2 weeks

How to Place an order & What happens next

First click a "place Order" button
 to go to the checkout page

We have made it quite easy to navigate and place your order.  

There is no payment upfront, and this makes it even easier!

Look around on our site, and there is a page for everything! When you are ready to order, just click a "Place Order" button, and fill it out.

At the end, click the submit order button, and we'll send you a confirmation email to make sure we got everything right!  

Shipping your photos to dpsDave

Do it yourself or we help a little or a lot.  We have options to make shipping easy and safe.  

You select shipping assistance options on the checkout page if you want.  If you're doing it yourself (most people do) you might visit our Safe Shipping and Packing Tips pages for more information.

When Your Photos Arrive at our facility...

Your photos, albums, negative, movies, tapes or whatever will arrive here, at our offices in Philomath Oregon.  

When the box arrives, we log it into our database, and an email will be sent automatically.  It's nice to know the package arrived safely, but more importantly we're taking this opportunity to check the return address one more time, and to let you know when the digital photos are schedules to ship back to you.  

Photo scanning done here

While your photos are at DpsDave....

Unless you asked for expedited service, your box will wait it's turn in our store room.  

Expedited orders also wait in the store room, but they get to go to the front of the line and are usually only there for a few hours.  

When it's your box's turn, the order will be assigned to a scanner operator, who will get your box from the store room and open it for the first time.  They will be looking for any instructions inside the box, checking the database for special instructions, and figure out what machines need to be used, what the file structure needs to look like, and all the other devilish details necessary to do a fantastic job. 

When there're done, the computers get to work, and each image has over a billion operations performed on it.  Other operators check the output, and will eventually pack the order, burn the disks or USB stick, and fill out the invoice.  All this takes about 2 days.  

Interestingly, although we have some of the fastest computers there are, they can't compete with a kid that grew up playing video games when it comes to turning all the images right side up.  Our best right side up operators can process 10,000 images in a single hour.  All that time playing video games was not a waster after all!

DpsDave Photo Editor Stations

the UPS truck shows up at Our the back door at 3:30

Our job is done, and the photos begin their trip back to you.  An email is sent to you with the invoice, which can be paid via credit card by clicking on a link.  We also put an invoice in the box with the photos in case your want to pay by check.  

In a couple of days or a week (depending upon where you live) the UPS driver will arrive at your door with your box.  Inside, you'll find your originals and a DVD or USB stick with your digital images.  

UPS guy bringing photos
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