Old Photo Restoration

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Old Photo Restoration

If you’ve been taking pictures since anytime before 2010, you likely have a box filled with old photographs and slides. While the nostalgia of these images may be personal to you, odds are you won’t be digging out a projector at your family parties anytime soon.

At DPS Dave, you can send your photos to us, and we can digitize those images for easy sharing and viewing. It can be an enormous hassle trying to organize old photos into a system where you can easily find any picture you’re looking for. With old photo digitization, you never have to worry about those pictures going missing and can find them with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Besides having to navigate through your stacks of old pictures, hard copy images run the risk of being worn and damaged overtime. Digitized copies will remain clear and beautiful for as long as you need them.

There’s also no risk of degrading the images because we can ensure any unique qualities, textures, and colors captured by your original snapshots will be copied by our professional and high quality “transfer photos to digital” service that delivers 6,000 DPI slide scanning for the best results. Before, during, and after the digitizing process, your images are guaranteed to be handled with respect and care by our experienced and passionate staff.

We make the process of digitizing quick and simple with three easy steps:

  1. Place your order with us and pay the fee. Go to the Buy Now tab and enter your personal information, including your address. Next enter your credit card information and shipping address to place your order. You can also indicate whether you need old photo restoration services at the time of your order.
  2. Collect all photos and slides. Organize any and all photos or slides you would like to transfer to digital copy — anything from old prints to Polaroids. Then prepare them for shipping by following our packing tips page and send them to use through mail or UPS.
  3. Finally, enjoy your photos with loved ones along with the safe return of your original copies. We will notify you when your photos have arrived, and after that we’ll take care of the rest. Simply sit back and relax until your digital copies, as well as your original prints, are returned to you.

For all of your old photo digitization needs and questions, trust DPS Dave to help you cherish your memories forever. Please contact us to find out more about our old photo digitization services, in addition to the old photo restoration work that we can do for you.