The movie playing above is an example of what a DpsDave movie looks like. You can see that the motion we’ve added looks natural, and that the images are high quality.
Our  ECONOMY movies show your images in the order you established (if any) when you packed up the photos. For our PREMIUM movies, if you established a folder structure for your order per our Image Organization guidelines, we will make movie chapters that you can jump to from the movie start menu, or jump forward to back to from within the movie.

We now offer 3 different types of movies for you to choose from all of which can be played in a DVD player:

ECONOMY Movies- $35

Our Original movie is equipped with our standard movie functions. These include:

•  10 second display for each image
•  Fade in and fade out transition between the images
•  Pan and zoom effect for each image
•  Standard Background Music (Like you might hear in a grocery store)

Please select our Original movie service when you checkout if you would like this service! The background music that is applied to your movie will be chosen by our technicians; our instrumental music ranges from relaxing, classical, classic rock, blues, country, sentimental and the list goes on! With the Original movie, there is no option to create any movie chapters, where pictures can be separated. We will provide the items listed above and include the customer’s name on the movies home screen. If you are looking for an easy way to view your photos this is the best and cheapest service for you!

Each movie can contain up to 700 images, which would run for 2 hours.

Premium Movie – $70

Our Special movie is equipped with our standard movie functions, plus special features including:

•  Background music genre chosen by YOU
•  Chapters (character restrictions apply)
•  Personalized start screen
•  Photos organized in a specific order (if requested)

To select our PREMIUM movie,  YOU choose the music style during the checkout process.  Your video may also have chapters, so you can jump to the part you want using your DVD player’s remote control.    Be careful with chapters, our experience is that if you make more than 15 the start screens become too confusing!  The movie can contain up to 700 images.

Regarding the character restrictions, this just means that we can’t have a super long title on the chapter screen. For example, if your folder is named “Aunt Mary goes to college in Boston in 1970” there are too many characters here for our program; and it might get renamed to “Aunt Mary 1970”.

Customized Movie – $70 + $50 per/hour

If you have an extravagant vision in mind for your movie, then this may be the option for you. Give us a call, and we can talk about your vision!