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Interested?  Here is our easy process

1.  Place Order

There is no payment upfront, and this makes it even easier!

2.  Send your stuff

Whether you want to do it yourself, or have us help you, we have many options available!

You select shipping assistance options on the checkout page if you want.  If you're doing it yourself (most people do) you might visit our Safe Shipping and Packing Tips pages for more information

Photo scanning done here

3.  We get to work

Your photos, albums, negative, movies, tapes or whatever will arrive here, at our offices in Philomath Oregon.

When the box arrives, we log it into our database, and an email will be sent automatically.  It's nice to know the package arrived safely, but more importantly we're taking this opportunity to check the return address one more time, and to let you know when the digital photos are schedules to ship back to you.

4. We ship it back

the UPS truck shows up at our back door at 3:30

Our job is done, and the photos begin their trip back to you.  An email is sent to you with the invoice, which can be paid via credit card by clicking on a link.  We also put an invoice in the box with the photos in case your want to pay by check.  

In a couple of days or a week (depending upon where you live) the UPS driver will arrive at your door with your box.  Inside, you'll find your originals and a DVD or USB stick with your digital images.  


The Answers you need

How should I package my slides?
Group the photos or slides into stacks, and secure these stacks with rubber bands, baggies, envelopes, cling wrap or aluminum foil in such a manner that they are held tightly together. Slides are particularly problematic, as it’s their nature to escape and travel about inside boxes. Limiting stacks of slide to 4 inches high and using two rubber bands to secure them works well. Slides are susceptible to damage if they are loose inside a box.
Can I drive to Oregon to drop off my slides?
Of course!  However, you must come to our processing center which is located at 125 Main in Philomath Oregon.  It’s the old City Hall, and we occupy the first floor.  We work odd hours, so please let us know when you’re coming so we can make sure to meet you.
Why does DPI matter?
Up to a certain point, DPI (Dots Per Inch) has a powerful influence on the quality of your digital image.  A good, sharp original will look fuzzy if the digitizing process uses too low of a DPI setting.  This is because the lower DPI setting makes the sharp edges slightly jagged, and we see that as out of focus.  Therefore the DPI of the scanning process should be equal to or greater than the grain size in the original.


The best out there

Christian Koebel - 12/30/2019

Had these folks scan 4500 of my dad's and grandfather's slides, dating back to the 50s. They were ready to answer any email I sent within minutes, took care of everything fast, and the scans look amazing. Their website is a little bit old-fashioned, but don't be fooled, they are the best out there.