VHS Digitizing Prices

15 per tape

$11 per tape!


For VHS and tapes you know work!

  • Up to 2 hours long
  • High Resolution
  • $5 Blank Tape Forgiveness
  • Customized for your computer


35 per tape


Best for 8mm tapes and those tapes you really treasure

  • Up to 6 hours long!
  • Super High Resolution (1080p)
  • Customized for your computer
  • Free Quality Preview Included! 


Quality preview

Included in Premium

Additional $10 per tape Economy

Try it Before you Buy It

  • We'll send you a short excerpt of your tapes and you decide if you want it
  • -Free Blank tape protection ( $5 value) 
  •  Free DVD player movie disk ( $15 value)

What type of  video can we convert? 

What is Quality Preview vs Blank Tape Forgiveness? 

Have a pile of tapes, but no idea what's on them?  What if they are blank?  What if it's got something on it, and you don't want that?  What if it's all staticky?  We invented Tape Insurance and Blank Tape Forgiveness just for you!

Blank Tape Protection includes: 

  • Not sure if a tape is blank or not? No worries! If we get a tape from you that is blank, We will only charge you $5 instead of the full fee! 

Quality Preview includes: 

  • 10 minute preview of your video!.  We'll make a short clip from the beginning of the tape, and send it to you.  You decide if you want us to proceed!
  • Free DVD Movie disk along with your MP4 file.  
  • Free Blank Tape Protection!  

What High Quality do you Offer? 

When we transfer your VHS, 8mm, or other tape to digital, we do it at the highest quality. We offer tapes digitized at 720p or 1080p , where other competitors only offer 420p at the highest!

What does that mean for your tapes? The higher number means that you have a smoother and clearer image after digitizing.

How do you Customize the Video for My Computer?

When you checkout, you can specify whether you have a Apple or Windows computer, then let us take care of the rest!

We will make sure you have a file that can play on either one.