35mm Negatives


•  35mm Film
•  High Definition Grade 2400 DPI
•  High Quality at Low Cost
•  High Definition Quality at a Price Below our Competitor’s Low Quality Digital Image Price

At DpsDave we will bring your negatives to life and leave you with positive feelings about our company! Your negatives are made with fine grain film, and scanning at less than 2400 DPI resolution degrades the quality of the digital image.

Our new scanning technology allows us to offer our high definition scanning service at a price below our competitors low resolution prices.

Our technicians take the upmost care when handling your negative film, and wear clean room gloves to ensure the safety of your negatives. Additionally, each image is checked to pnsure that all of the details are captured and that the entire image is visible. Last but not least, our photo editors will go over your photos and make sure that your images are reaching their full potential!

If you have medium or large format negatives you would like to digitize please click here!