Great Idea for a ”Just Because” Gift for Mom

photographic slidesMother’s Day, her birthday, and maybe one or two other days are the only time of the year when you get something special for your mom. Showing her you care on three days, does that seem like enough?

No! Of course not, she’s your mom. She’s had to deal with you all these long years, which means she’s a saint. Aside from the years of blood, sweat, and tears spent caring for their children, another reason moms are the greatest is because they never really ask for anything in return. It’s up to you to show her how much you care.

You don’t have to get her a trip to Paris or a new car, but just getting her a nice “just because” gift every once in a while will make her happier than you could ever know. Even if it’s something as small as some flowers or a nice card, it’ll at least show that you’ve been thinking about her, and that’ll mean so much to her.

The Ultimate Just Because Gift Idea for Moms Everywhere

If you really want to earn some extra mom love points, you should create a digital photo album for her consisting of her favorite thing in the entire world: you!

Parents, obviously, love their kids, at least the good ones do, and they cherish the photos they took of them when they were little. The only problem is that these photos just get shoved into boxes and thrown in the attic, where they spend years degrading. No one really ever looks at them again unless they’re searching for one specific photo, which is an impossible task.

Out of 250 surveyed parents, 52% said they have not have done anything with their children’s photos or videos in order to preserve them for the future. Roughly 47% haven’t even thought about how they’ll save these photos, and another 44% have trouble locating them or can’t even find the photos at all.

By transforming old photos and photographic slides into a digital photo album for your mom, she’ll be able to see all of her favorite family photos in one safe place. Not only will she finally be able to enjoy these photos anytime she wants, but she’ll be able to share any photo with anyone at anytime.

Digitize and Restore Old Photos and Slides

Even old photos and photographic slides that have been damaged over the years can be digitally stored. Through old photo restoration services, these photographic slides can be scanned and automatically edited into a cleaned up version of the original. Some film slides, like those from her childhood, might be so worn-out and damaged that you can barely even identify what’s in the picture. Having professional scanners work their magic on those photographic slides will clean them up and allow you to show your mom these images for the first time in years.

Again, moms are great because they will still love us no matter what. But we should take the time to truly show our love and support back to them. Give your mom the greatest just because gift whenever you think she deserves it (all the time) and watch that smile light up her face.