Economy Print Scanning Service

Do some of the work yourself and save!

Photographic PRINTS only.

What Are You Waiting For?

Your old photos aren't getting any younger!  Age is the enemy of your photographic prints.  Photos fade, become fragile and get lost with age.  

Plus, everybody seems to want to "borrow" the good ones, and they never come back.  

Digitize today and all these worries will evaporate!  

Following our tradition of keeping it simple, here's how this works: 

  1. Click on the Place Order button
    1. Choose a Resolution will appear
  3. Choose Economy & fill in your name & address

Check the restrictions, pack up your prints and ship!

This is the DIY part:

Before shipping:

     Make sure the photos are all facing the same way

After you get your digital images back:

Turn the digital images all right side up

Organize the digital images into folders

Correct for color fade

Your prints will be scanned at 300 DPI, and your originals as well as your new disk full of your digital images will be shipped back to you via UPS.

Scanning in Oregon & partnering with UPS makes it safe.

Your slides will be converted to digital in our production facility in Philomath, Oregon. We have partnered with United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipping, as the UPS Secure Shipping network is the best there is. Our employees recognize how valuable your photographs are to you, and are dedicated to earning the trust you place in us when you send us your photos.

Being a small company makes it personal.

Call us, and you will talk to the president! If you have questions, he knows the answers. If you have a complaint, he feels the pain. Most importantly, thrilling each and every customer with our service and quality is critical to our success!

Trust us to convert your photos to digital.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money.
PRIVACY PROTECTION: We are concerned about the Privacy and property of all our clients.  we will protect your Property at all times while it is in our possession, and the Privacy of your information and images to the best of our ability. LLC - Corvallis Oregon 2010 - 2020    |    Patent Pending   |   SEE OUR PRIVACY POLICY   (Thanks Doug!)