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Digitize Slides, Prints, Negatives, Albums & Tapes

Prices For Digitizing Services

$25 Minimum Order


35mm, 110, 120, 127 & 127 Super, mounted in 2x2 Frames.

From 19¢ to 41¢  each depending upon quantity

Video Tapes

VHS, VHS-c, Hi-8, Super 8

$15.99 to $35 each

Photo Albums

Three ways to digitize your albums

$1.00 per page & up

Prints From Slides

Any size you want!

From 55¢  to $3.35, depending upon size


Any size up to 11x17

From 8¢  to 37¢  each depending upon resolution & quantity

35mm Negatives

45¢  to 65¢  each depending on total quantity

Medium Format Negatives

$2.00 to $2.50 each depending upon total quantity

Re-prints from old prints

From 55¢  to $3.35, depending upon size of original

Worried About Shipping?  We Can Help!

Choose Our Prepaid  Label or Box At Checkout.   This allows us to assure that uPS Secure Shipping is used.

Plus, it will save you some money!

UPS Secure Shipping was developed to compete with the armored truck business to transport extremely high value packages.  Your memories are just as valuable, so let us take care of them for you.  


We have just One Job: Take care of you and your memories!

We deliver unbeatable image quality at an unbelievable price.   We obsessed on this goal for half a decade, and developed new photo digitizing technologies and processes which make this possible.  To make a long story short, we can do in 2 seconds what our competitors take 2 minutes to do, and we do it much, much better.  

But, taking care of you is just as important!   We take the time to understand your needs & dreams.  We believe that the transition from film to digital is difficult, so we'll support you after the work is done, not just before the order.  We understand that stuff goes wrong, and people change their minds, so we're flexible.  We want you to feel good about your old photos, and we'll make sure working with us feels good too!

DPSDave is the type of business you dream about doing business with. When you call, the boss answers the phone!! I have used Dave Orr service twice to convert 35mm slides (50 years old) to jpgs. He is patient with naive questions and kindly explains his services. He uses the best technology available, that other processors charge extra for. His turn around time is very fast. I recommend DPSDave without reservation!

Chuck B

BBB Verified Reviewer

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money.
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