Digital Photo Revolution: It’s Time to Make the Switch

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Over the last few years, nearly everything has gone digital. Libraries have gone digital. Shopping is done digitally. Even dating is now predominantly done online. Yet, with all this new technology existing in the world today, many people are still taking physical photos and storing them in their attic or basement.

Since the advent of photography — more than 186 years ago — approximately 3.5 trillion photos have been taken. With the technology our kids have readily available to them now, it seems like each teenager plans on taking about that many Instagram photos. But what about the photos that you took years ago? This digital technology didn’t exist back then, so how can those photos be stored together with your more recent, digital collection?

With digital photo services like scan slides services, you can take any hardcopy of a photo you have and digitally recreate it to store forever in an online photo album. About 3,000 people were asked about their physical photos and approximately 10% believe their photos to be “gone in 60 seconds.”

But with scan slides services, a scanned photograph can exist in the digital realm for eternity.

Scanning your photographs is easy and can even clear up space in your home. Rather than keeping heavy boxes in your attic, basement, or spare room, utilize scan slides services to transform all those photos into a digital album. Then, if you wish, you can get rid of all your physical copies.

You don’t have to, though, if you would rather keep the physical copies just in case. You never know when Skynet might appear and get its hands on our photos… but for now, it seems like they will be safe in the online world.

In 2011, more than 31 million rolls of physical film were sold for singe-use disposable cameras. Why take photos with these cameras when you can take them with a phone and immediately store them in an online photo album?

It’s hard to tell people to make the switch from physical hard copies to digital photos. Once they do, they rarely regret it. Having a single physical photo in your home can be great if you need some inspiration or want to reflect on a single memory. But having the ability to share that photo with billions of people around the world anytime you want is revolutionary.