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Our services provide you with digital copies of your slides and/or pictures. We convert your images into digital format, and burn them onto DVD-type optical disks. The images are individual JPeG files, and are suitable for viewing on a computer.  Each disk can hold about 1,000 files.  That’s a lot of family and friend pictures!

Your original slides and/or photos will be securely packed and shipped back to you along with the optical disks.   You will receive your optical disks as well as your slides and/or pictures in the same package.

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These photos and slides represent your past, and have deep emotional value to you and many others. That’s why people think about saving the photo albums in a fire! Everybody seems to know that eventually they are going to fade away, and eventually they need to do something about it. One day, somebody steps up to the plate (perhaps you!) and decides to do something about this. If you have computer skills, scanning these photos or slides yourself is a possibility.

Sending your old photos or slides to an Online Scanning Service Vs. DIY


Sending your photo slides to a professional slide scanning service will cost you about $0.19 to $1.00 each, depending upon who you use. Buying a scanner with good resolution would cost you at least $250.  For example, the Canon 9000 scanner has a 4800 dpi setting, and produces some OK scans.  It seems like that if you have 1,000 slides, then it is cost-effective to buy a scanner and do it yourself.  But there is more to the story!


Sending your photos to an online slide scanning service requires that you pack them up so there is no shipping damage, and send them off. This takes a few hours, tops. Doing it yourself requires a little bit of time buying, installing and learning how to use a scanner, and whole bunch of time scanning. If you have bought a scanner which can scan and separate multiple slides or photos at a time, your productivity will be about 5 minutes per photo.  Now, you are looking at about 80 hours of work to scan those 1,000 slides.


Who knows how to achieve the highest quality digital scans?  DpsDave does! Only 25% of the quality of the scanned images comes from the scanner, and 75% comes from software operations used to create the image file. DpsDave’s Image Optimization software performs millions of corrections on each scanned image to make the image as sharp and true to life as it can be, both when you display it on a screen and when you send the image file to a printer. This requires the use of high-quality photo editing software (a $5,000 investment) and lots of computing power (we won’t get into the cost of that). We have the expertise and the computing power to do this so that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment and software and become a master user to get the same high-quality results.


For the example of 1,000 slides, and to produce a digital image quality comparable to DpsDave’s, it’s going to cost you at least $5 grand, and take you 80 hours to do the scanning plus however long it takes to learn the software.  Now, those scans you did yourself are going to cost at least $5 each, and take a heck of a long time to do.  Better to send your slides to DpsDave!