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Slide sizes

Accepted Slide formats

DpsDave’s slide scanning service can scan any slide, as long as the frame dimensions are two inches square.  Our scanning equipment can handle the variety of slide frames as well.  Our service can scan slides with cardboard or plastic frames, no matter how thick the frame is.  Our service can scan slides with the glass plates or the Argus metal clips.  We accept your slides in boxes, carousels, and trays.

Accepted Photo Print formats:

Any size print up to 8 x 10.

1 x 1

2 x 2

3 x 5

4 x 6

4 x 6

5 x 7

8 x 10



Scanning is done here, in Philomath, Oregon

DPSDave accepts photos in frames, albums, boxes, bags or envelopes. However, we prefer that you remove the photos in albums and frames, and just send the photo. If you can’t get the photo out of an album without tearing it, go ahead and send the album, and we will scan the entire page, then electronically separate the individual photos into individual digital images. Our experience is that the quality of the scanned photos which were attached to an album page when scanned is less than it would be if they were removed from the page. This is because it is often not possible to get the photo flat against the platen of a flat bed scanners, resulting in out of focus areas of the scanned photo. Additionally, if the album page is larger that 8×10, we cannot scan it. Photos in frames are a bigger problem, and focus errors almost always result when we scan a photograph still in a frame. Here are some tricks we have learned along the way for getting photographs out of albums and frames:

For getting photos that are stuck in a album, try warming the page (or whole album) in the oven. Turn the oven down as low as it will go (150 or so) and let the album cook for about an hour. The glue holding the photos in place softens up a little, and often the pictures come right off.

Putting an album page in the microwave for 15 seconds also warms up the glue holding the photos to the page. You have to be careful to make sure there are not metal tabs or grommets on the page, or the page can catch on fire!

Framed photos that have become stuck to the glass are a big problem. If we try to scan these photos, the places where the photo is stuck to the glass come out in the scanned photo, and it looks pretty bad. We’ve had some success with warming these up also. Using a wide, thin knife or cake icing spatula to reach in between the glass and the photo and gently pry the photo away from the glass usually works.