Do you want your photos and slides digitized by a company with the integrity?  One that says upfront what it will charge and doesn’t surprise you with poor quality or hidden fees? Well, look no further than DpsDave for your photo and slide scanning needs.

For the price quoted, we will:

  • Scan your photos or slides

  • Correct color fade

  • Burn the digital images of your original photos or slides to a DVD as JPEG files


You pay to get the package to us—remember to follow the steps to ship your package to us on the shipping page.

Return shipping cost will depend upon how heavy your package is, and how far it has to travel.  See our shipping cost estimator HERE

That is it! No hidden charges. No surprises.

With our services, you send us your photos or slides, we scan your photos or slides, correct the color, and then transfer them to a DVD that you can use to show to your family and friends whenever you’re feeling nostalgic or want to show off how tech savvy you are.

Some customers inquire “Do you have a don’t like it, don’t pay” program for up to 20% of the scans program like some of your competitors? Our answer is we do have a program like that, only better!  Our guarantee is that if you don’t like a scanned photo, you don’t have to pay.  It’s really simple, and we didn’t have to hire lawyers to write all the terms, condition and small print.  It is one of the ways we put the service into our business!