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We offer two options for payment: Pay Now or Pay Later

Pay Now is best if you have a fairly accurate count, and wish to prepay.

Pay Later is our most popular payment option.  We will figure out how many photos there are and invoice you for the total when we ship your order back to you.



Here is where DpsDave photo scanning service lives in Philomath, Oregon.

Built in 1938 as the town’s fire department, it’s now the home of DpsDave.

A word about security.  Our payment process has been designed with an awareness of the risk of doing business on the internet.  Every day there are reports of somebody getting into somebody’s computer system and stealing credit card information.  These are sophisticated attacks, and small businesses are most vulnerable, as only large business have the resources to protect against this onslaught.  We understand this at DpsDave slide and photo scanning service, and have designed a robust security system so you do not have to worry about conducting business online.

Our payment process is designed as a two step process.  The first step collects your name and shipping address.  This is publicly available information, and is therefore not a target for identity theft.  We collect, transmit and store this information with standard password and biometric protection.  You enter this information when you are on our site, and it get copied into our database exactly as you typed it in. We confirm the accuracy of this information by sending you an acknowledgement email containing your name and address.

The second step of the payment process is the dangerous one.  For this step, we recognize that we don’t have the resources to adequately protect your identity, so we have contracted with PayPal / EBay for payment gateway services.  For this step, there is a lot of handshaking and token passing stuff that happens behind the scenes that sends the value of the order to PayPal and magically moves you from our site to PayPal / EBay’s secure server.  When you are on the DpsDave photo services site, the border color is red.  When you move to the PayPal site, the border changes to blue.  You are on the PayPal site when you enter your credit card numbers, CCV numbers, expiration dates as well as your credit card billing address and phone number.  Perhaps you noticed that the site address has the https: prefix.  When the border color changes to blue and the site address has the https prefix, the communication is directly between your computer and the PayPal server, and is encrypted with powerful asynchronous techniques developed by the NSA in the late 90’s.  Your credit card information exists for a few seconds in the memory of your computer, travels securely to the PayPal server where it is written onto a disk.  This information never comes near the DpsDave photo service computers in Philomath Oregon, and is never shared with DpsDave photo service in any form.  Instead, it will reside for awhile of PayPal’s server, which is physically, electronically and logically secured to the highest standards of the banking system.  PayPal sends a single word to DpsDave: it’s either ACCEPTED, REJECTED or CANCELLED.

The PayPal server contacts the banking system service associated with the credit card service you are using, and compares 4 things: card number, name & address, phone number and CCV number.  If a single digit in any of these 4 elements is incorrect, the transaction is rejected.  So, if you get a reject, it may simply be because one of the many characters has been typed wrong.  Most often, mistakes are made in the phone number.  This must be the phone number you entered when you signed up for the card.