Astronaut Thomas J. Hennen aboard Atlantis on STS-44




I called Dave on Wednesday to get some photo scanning done ASAP and he was very accommodating considering that I need my order rushed for a wedding anniversary celebration. The photos were very old considering they were my parents’ old photos from their wedding way back a long time ago. I packed it according to Dave’s instructions and he has a very helpful site for packing directions which I appreciated a lot. His service is priced reasonably (the cheapest I actually found online) given the high quality of digital prints we got from really old photographs. He must have done some photo fade restoration, too. My parents were overjoyed when they saw the slideshow I created for them using the digital photos I got from Dave! The photos were really great even when viewed on a huge TV. I am really glad I found DPSDave because his excellent printed photo scanning can’t be beat. They offer expedited service, too! Definitely recommending DPSDave for any picture and photo scanning service!

John S.

Rating: 5/5DPSDave Reviews

My husband and I wanted to immortalize our old photos from our wedding 45 years ago through a digital picture scanning service. We heard about DPSDave from my sister who recently tried their service. She was so impressed with the work that Dave has done for their photos and so I called Dave and asked if it was possible to also restore some old photos. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take a couple photos out of the album because they seem to be stuck and Dave offered to help us out. He thoroughly explained some photo restrictions and then we sent him our stuff. When we got our digital prints on a DVD, I can definitely say for myself that DPSDave photo scanning service is top notch. We got the Presentation Level of quality for our main photos and now we got 24 x 24 photos hung up in frames in our living room. Happy customer here and just told my closest friends to check out DPSDave if they ever require any printed photo scanning service.

Amy R.

Rating: 5/5DPSDave Reviews

My mom loves dogs and she has this one favorite dog she had when she was just a kid. She’s got an old printed photo with the dog that she’s kept all these years which I know it meant a lot to her. I wanted to surprise her on her birthday so I searched online for a high quality photo scanning service. I found DPSDave and they had a photo of a dog on their website! I called them and spoke with Dave then found out it’s his dog on the DpsDave.com website. He clearly loves his dog and I knew right then I found the perfect photo scanning service. I sent him the printed photo and had it scanned with the highest quality for printing. I believe it’s called the Presentation Level. I got back a digital copy and had it printed and framed as a gift for my mom. She is ecstatic and I have Dave to thank for it. Made the excellent choice and got superb photo scanning service at a super reasonable price!

Robin K.

Rating: 5/5DPSDave Reviews

I stayed with my grandparents over the summer in Oregon and helped my grandmother clean the attic. We found old 35mm Kodachrome slides that were taken decades ago. I asked Granny if she wouldn’t mind if borrowed the slides and see if I can get them digitized. I told her about a digital slide scanning service that was over at Corvallis. Shortly after I phoned DPSDave and asked if they could do some fade restoration. Dave said they’ve been doing photo scanning for years now and also explained about the unique Image Optimization software they use. There were about 2 dozen slides that I sent them and I honestly didn’t expect them to finish the slide scanning service with photo restoration so soon. Just 2 weeks later, we got the digital prints and we played them on the TV and they looked awesome! You have to try it to believe it. Dave did an amazing job with the photo slide scanning and we are very impressed with their personalized service.

Jason L.

Rating: 5/5DPSDave Reviews

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