About Us

You are the reason for our existence, so if you call the president or a member of the management staff will answer.

This way, there are no excuses, and no better way to assure high quality customer service.  Plus, nobody knows the business and technology better!  Understanding your hopes and concerns is crucial to our success, and we learn how to improve our service.  Sometimes, he might not be able to answer, but please leave a message, and he will call you back.



Our shipping address is a nearby UPS store.  UPS is simply the best at logistic services, and we have partnered with the people in the Brown Trucks and the UPS Store so we can leverage their shipping and receiving expertise.

Your photos are processed in our production facility in the historic old city hall at 1215 Main in Philomath Oregon.  Built in 1938, it housed the police and fire departments and city government at various times through the years. Local legend says that once desperados held the Chief of Police hostage for awhile here. The Wild West lives on!

Today, it’s been restored, is called the Main Street Station, and is the home of DpsDave





About the dog

Perhaps you’ve met DpsDog elsewhere on our website. He’s good at making expressive faces, but he’s not actually the Original DpsDog.

The Original sleeps in the rain, rolls in the mud, smells bad and is a little hard to rouse. So, we hired a dog model to make our site look pretty. We hope you don’t mind.

The Original DpsDogthe original DpsDog

Things we’ve learned that surprised us

    • Most slide photos are slightly out of focus, but printed photos are not.
    • Most photos are of children.
    • Commercial tourist slides fade very fast compared to personal slides.
  • The most photographed places are:
      • Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado
      • Israel
      • Niagra Falls
    • Vietnam


During the 60’s and 70’s, I was an avid photographer, using a 35mm camera my father gave me. I didn’t have much money, and since slides were cheaper than prints, I always had my pictures developed as slides. I intended to print the good ones someday, but someday never came. Forty years later, with thousands of good slides and no prints, I noticed that the color on my slides had begun to fade! Darn.

As it turns out, it is a good thing that I never got around to making those prints! Prints also fade, and making all those prints would have been a waste. Still an avid photographer, I had made the switch to digital years ago. I could see that my good old slides weren’t going to last much longer, so I investigated commercially available slide scanners, and was not satisfied with the quality of the output. Eventually, I created my own slide scanners, and that was the beginning of this company in 2009.



I received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. Working in the Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries for next 35 years, I learned the technologies necessary to form the basis of this business. I am 60 something now, and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My daughter is married to an Air Force Officer, they have 4 children and are stationed in California. My oldest son is married, has 1 child, and is currently serving with the US Army, stationed in North Carolina.   My youngest son works with me here at DpsDave.   I live in the soggy northwest in Philomath, Oregon with my wife, Kate.