4 Benefits of Digital Photo Technology

fade restorationLife is full of precious memories that we never want to forget. Although technology can often make us feel overwhelmed, there is no doubt it’s changed our lives for the better in numerous ways, especially over the last few decades. Photography, for instance, has come a long way since the turn of the millennium.

There are so many ways that the advent of all this new photographic technology is great for us, but more than anything, it’s created new ways to share memories. Here are a few benefits of taking advantage of new digital photo technology.

  • Fade Restoration — For people who didn’t grow up with camera phones, one of the best things about digital photography is being able to restore our old physical photos and transform them into higher quality digital photos. Physical pictures fade and yellow, but old photo restoration services like fade restoration enable us to safely restore old broken down photos that we’ve had for decades. One day, the hard copy photo will nearly disintegrate, but if we restore these photos, we’ll have them forever in a digital photo album.
  • Unlimited Storage, Less Clutter — Rather than keeping hundreds of thousands of photos in boxes piled up in the attic, we can store all these photos in one giant digital photo album. We might not think of it, but all these photos accumulate rapidly over the years and can really clutter our space. With digital photo albums, you free up all that space while storing those precious photos in a safe place.
  • Easy Access and Organization — Having a digital photo album with thousands of photos can feel just as overwhelming as having all those boxes in your home. Luckily, it’s extremely easy to organize the photos exactly the way you want them within a digital photo album. Whether it’s old photos of our grandparents when they were young or last summer’s vacation pics, we can easily find these photos in a matter of seconds if they’re organized properly.
  • Keep Safe Forever — With physical photos, parents struggle to keep them forever. Out of 250 parents surveyed, 52% of them admit to not having done anything with the photos of their children to preserve them for the future. Nearly half (47%) of these parents haven’t even thought about saving these photos; 44% have trouble even locating these pictures. With digital photo albums, these photos will be saved forever so our children (and their children) will enjoy them in the future.

If you want to learn more about fade restoration and other digital photo services, contact DPSdave today for help digitizing your old photo slides and albums!